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Comfortable Wedding Shoes You Can Wear for 12 hours

If you’re like us, weddings are something you’ve dreamed about since you learned about Cinderella and the magic of her glass slipper. You’ve envisioned wearing the perfect wedding dress and walking down the aisle to your forever person. You envisioned it being the happiest day of your life, surrounded with the people you love most. 

If that sounds like you, then the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable or in pain during your wedding day. Let’s be real, not all of us can rock Lady Gaga’s 2010 VMA’s look when she wore the Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes (P.S: how do you walk in them?)

lady gaga uncomfortable wedding shoes

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Your shoes are a key part of your wedding day and choosing the right one is so important. You’ll be on your feet all day (12 hours and counting), from your first look and ceremony to the reception and after party dancing. With all the running around during your wedding, you’ll rely heavily on your feet. Your feet will be under a lot of stress, which can easily lead to painful blisters. You want to be comfortable from start to finish, not be numbed in pain. You want comfortable wedding shoes

With so many choices for wedding shoes online, how do you find the perfect wedding shoe that is both stunning and comfortable? 

Your mom says to stick with a flat, but flats can often look frumpy. Your maid of honor suggests a kitten heel, but you love the look of a high heel. Are high heels comfortable for a 12 hour wedding day?  You’d be surprised, but the answer is YES.


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Bella Belle wedding shoes are engineered for comfort. YES, even the high heels are engineered for an all-day comfort. Our brides who don’t usually wear heels on a daily basis are able to wear our 4-inch heels for 12 hours and even longer, comfortably. Case in point: “So I was really nervous to wear high heels on my wedding knowing I will be on my feet all day, BUT THESE HEELS WERE SO COMFORTABLE.  I can't stress enough how wonderful they were on my feet and of course they are gorgeous shoes. Worth every penny.” - #bellabellebrides Emma’s review on our Anita ivory lace wedding heel

If you’re looking for wedding flats, Bella Belle’s comfortable flats are both comfortable and stunning in design (nothing frumpy here). Even our wedding shoes low heel look stunning on #bellabellebrides.  

So, what makes Bella Belle bridal shoes so comfortable and beautiful? 

Mesh Upper

comfortable mesh upper wedding shoes

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Most of Bella Belle’s styles are made with mesh, which is an extremely lightweight, pliable, and durable material. It provides you with the durability of leather while remaining extremely lightweight and breathable (so your feet aren't swimming in sweat). Mesh also molds to fit the shape of your feet perfectly. If you have wider feet, the mesh material can stretch so you’re not left with a numb toe. This means you don’t have to stretch it before your wedding day, one less stress for all the brides out there!

As reviewed by Tamali for the Frances crystal sequins ivory kitten heel “SO COMFORTABLE! Holy Cow! They have a mesh upper so it’s not constricting! So supportive and ridiculously comfortable”

Extra Padding on the Sole

extra padding comfortable wedding shoes bella belle

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Every Bella Belle shoe style is made with extra thick padding on the insole - as seen on Carin from Lace & Laches’s video of our Rosa kitten heel. We’re all familiar with the feeling of our heels being in pain after a long day of walking, So a key component of our shoes is that we engineered them with extra thick padding so your heels are pain-free and you are comfortable ALL. DAY. LONG. 

As reviewed by Nicole “The added padding on the insole is a game changer, my feet have never felt so good in a three inch wedge!” on our Pamela ivory wedding wedge.  

Secure Ankle & Ribbon Straps 

ankle strap wedding shoes bella belle

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Ankle straps are both functional and elongating to make your legs look oh-so good! They provide you with security so you don’t lose your shoes like Mariah Carey on the red carpet - no embarrassing moments here! Straps are also perfect for all women with short and long legs as they make your legs look longer. We’ll take any shoe that gives us the sexy Kendall Jenner legs any day. 

Amelia lace kitten heel as loved by Rebecca, “The style of the ribbon strap with the back tie gave me the support I needed so that I could walk fast or run without issues. The ribbon didn’t dig into my foot at all!”

High Quality Materials 

silk wedding shoes

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Bella Belle shoes are made with the finest and most luxurious materials so you are guaranteed the best quality materials. The inner genuine leather lining means that your shoes are soft not only when you touch it, but it is also comfortable when worn for 12 hours. Our shoes are also made with 100% silk, a material that looks extremely refined and elegant. It’ll elevate your whole wedding look while providing the elegance and durability that you want to be on your feet all day long. 

Case in point: “These shoes are so elegant and with a slight height, the easiest shoes to walk in! They have the softest leather sole making them extremely comfortable, not to mention they are gorgeous to look at!” - #bellabellebrides Victoria on Annalise vintage inspired wedding shoe

The best part of Bella Belle shoes is that they are not only so comfortable (as reviewed above), but they are also equally stunning! 


Photography: Laura Gordon

All of Bella Belle shoes are handmade with the highest level of craftsmanship and details, so you know that your shoes are made with care and love. Yes, each bead is hand-beaded and each lace is hand-sewn on the shoes by artisans who care about creating the perfect looking wedding shoe for you. 

Bella Belle strives to bring you bridal shoes that are both comfortable and stunning in design, so you have the best of both worlds! 

See more on how Bella Belle shoes are made and our collection of most comfortable wedding shoes


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