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The Do's To Dress Like A Disney Princess On Your Wedding

I think there is a little bit of a Disney fairytale in all our love stories. Whether you are similar to Disney’s first princess, Snow White (released in 1937) or Disney’s newest princess, Raya (2022) we want to give you inspiration for your very own Disney wedding. We have curated an array of Disney bridal gowns which can be perfectly paired with our chosen pick of Bella Belle shoes. If you are looking for inspiration on what to wear to channel your favorite princess and have the enchanted wedding of your dreams, keep reading.

1. Snow White Wedding Outfit

snow white wedding outfit
Snow White’s character design is the simplest of all the Disney princesses, a deliberate choice by Walt Disney. He wanted the character to be relatable and human to the young girls watching the movie. A simple, down-to-earth girl would definitely want to keep it simple on her wedding day. If you're like Snow White, you wouldn’t want the glitz that comes with a Pnina Tornai gown. No, you would probably keep it simple with this off-shoulder floral Marchesa Disney bridal gown. Its neckline is reminiscent of a time before she met Prince Charming, and the simple floral lace details make it the perfect dress for the woman who wants to wear a beautiful dress, not have a beautiful dress wear her.
disney princess snow white wedding shoes
Photography: The Happy Bloom 

The simplicity of Snow White's style will go from her head to her toes. So, you're going to need a pair of shoes that will compliment your style rather than clash. The Chloe nude floral heel would be the perfect shoe to wear to walk down the aisle. The hand-embroidered floral pattern will be reminiscent of the days she spent living in the enchanted forest without being too bold while the nude color makes the shoe re-wearable after the wedding. Finally, the extra padding will keep her feet comfortable for when she’s dancing at the reception (or if the huntsman decides to come after her heart again).

2. Ariel Wedding Outfit

ariel disney princess wedding outfit

Ariel is a stubborn, fiery redhead who’s going to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Even though she left everything behind to live the life she always wanted, Ariel would probably want to pay homage to her aquatic roots with a light and airy gown that isn't too constricting. Something like this sexy lace Disney wedding dress from Zuhair Murad that is light and airy at the bottom might be your choice to channel your inner Ariel. The plunging V neckline with floral lace embellishment and tulle gown material also ensures that you'll be comfortable, so you can get married on the beach or outdoors, like Ariel to ensure all her friends and family can be in attendance.

disney princess wedding shoes ariel
Photography: Laura Gordon
Walking in the sand with a pair of spiky heels is a disaster waiting to happen. So, even though Ariel is stubborn, she’s smart enough to know to wear a pair of cute flats to her beach wedding. Appropriately made and named after her, our Ariel - ivory sequin flat is the perfect blend of under-the-sea Princess glam and a simple down-to-earth beachside feel that will also get her accustomed to the feeling of walking on dry land. Not only are these perfect for a beach or destination wedding, but you'll will also be able to wear them again so you can show off your perfectly manicured nails, as she shows off her new human feet. 

3. Tiana Wedding Outfit

disney princess tiana wedding outfit

Like many of us, Disney’s Princess Tiana had a dream. Us ladies know that we cannot rely on Prince Charming to make our dreams come true! A lot of hard work is usually the formula, with a little bit of lucky magic. If you are a hard worker like Tiana and have been lucky enough to find your Prince perhaps you can borrow a bit of Princess Tiana’s style. 

disney princess tiana wedding shoes
We think this Leah de Gloria gown is a pretty good dupe for Tiana’s gown with a V-shaped corset accompanied by an oversized skirt with exquisite silk pleats. Our Gardenia sandals would complement this gown beautifully with their simple but classy straps and cheeky little details with pearls and beads at the heels.


4. Mulan Wedding Outfit

disney princess mulan wedding outfit
The last few years have been all about breaking down gender norms, just like Mulan when she took her father’s place to defeat the Huns. That’s why Mulan, and all others like her, will want to wear a pantsuit like this from Naeem Khan instead of a traditional Disney wedding dress. Let’s face it: dresses aren’t for everyone and brides should wear what they’re most comfortable wearing. It's also super feminine which is something Mulan might prefer after spending all her time with men in the army. If you're anything like Mulan, you'll definitely be the #GIRLBOSS of the wedding.
disney princess wedding shoes mulan
Photography: Artiese Studios 

Since it takes a powerful woman to wear a pantsuit to her wedding, you're going to need a powerful pair of shoes to compliment the look. Pairing a pair of booties like the flower chiffon ivory wedding bootie designed by Joy Proctor is going to work best with this assemble. Comfortable, feminine but also extremely chic, sophisticated and elegant, this floral beauty is Who What Wear loved and approved! So count us in! 

5. Rapunzel Wedding Outfit

rapunzel disney princess wedding outfit
Even though she was locked in a tower her whole life, there’s no denying Rapunzel is an Earth child. On her wedding day, she’s going to keep it boho chic in this gorgeous floral number from Oscar de la Renta. Not only does this Disney bridal gown fit Rapunzel’s free spirit, but the floral lace embellishments are a way of celebrating the freedom she has finally achieved as she strolls around in the gardens and forest. You'll also love how light and airy this dress feels, perfect for all the dancing and strolling you'll be doing. 
disney princess wedding shoes rapunzel
Photography: Josh and Serena 

Since Rapunzel spends her entire movie barefoot, it was hard to decide what shoe would suit her style the best and match the Disney fairytale wedding dress. Since she never had the opportunity to learn how to walk in high heels, her wedding day probably won’t be the best time to learn. If you're like her, it would be a safe bet to say that you would feel most at home in Luna, a simple pair of thong sandals. The rows of gold leaf like patterns with rhinestone flower buds will speak to your flower child heart. They’re also going to be easy to slip off if you decide to go barefoot on the dance floor, because why not?

6. Cinderella Wedding Outfit

disney princess cinderella wedding outfit
Like Snow White, Cinderella comes from simple beginnings. However, she’s not afraid to go all out on her wedding day because it’s the first time she has a day where she’s at the center of everything. So, if you're like Cinderella, you'll probably want to walk down the aisle in a Disney bridal gown like this crystal embellished ball gown from Reem Acra. After months of wearing Lululemon and Nike as you work on your wedding figure, it’s your time to shine in a Swarovski crystal-studded dress that will “wow” everyone in the pews. Your wedding is the epitome of the Disney Princess wedding.
disney princess wedding shoes cinderella
Photography: Tamara Gruner

Naturally, Cinderella is going to want to honor the night she and Prince Charming met, so she’s going to wear Elsa Blue. The sequins and shimmering effect are a dead ringer for the glass slipper that reunited her with her soulmate, and the icy blue color of the imported silk will be a reminder of the ball gown her Godmother gave her. It's also more comfortable and less delicate than a Cinderella glass shoe that achieves the same, if not more, Disney Princess effect. Extra perk: add this to your 'something blue' or 'something new'! 

7. Raya Wedding Outfit

disney princess raya wedding outfit

Disney’s first Southeast Asian Princess, Raya had her life mapped out for her so she would fit in a certain place in society. Yet as she grew up, her society changed far beyond what she could ever imagine. Her only way to save everyone was to restore peace with the Last Dragon. For all you peace restore or those brides having a spring garden wedding, this is the perfect story and wedding outfit for you. 

bella belle shoes raya disney princess wedding shoes
If you relate to Princess Raya, the ideal gown might be Monique Lhuillier's "Sweetness" to take you down the aisle. Go strapless with a tufted skirt covered in a floral pattern, and pair the gown with our Bella Belle Eden garden heels. The embroidered green vines of Eden complement the green leaves on this wedding gown, giving the perfect ethereal princess vibes.

8. Belle Wedding Outfit

disney princess belle wedding dress

How could we resist talking about good old Belle from Beauty and the Beast? After all, she ‘borrowed’ our name. Does your love story bear any resemblance to the age-old tale of falling in love with the person on the inside, not the superficial exterior? 

bella belle disney princess belle wedding shoes
If so, you could choose a wedding gown with a hint of champagne color such as this regal off-the-shoulder wedding dress. The Gertrude couture gown from Milla Nova features a ruffle neckline, a tight bodice, voluminous sleeves and a decorated full skirt with a dramatic extended train. To set off this fabulous gown what could be better than our Frances champagne gold shoes hand beaded with soft gold teardrop stones and beads?

9. Elsa Wedding Outfit

elsa disney princess wedding dress

Frozen is a story of self-sacrifice and friendship. Have you or your partner chosen to sacrifice something to be together? Or do you have a partnership that grew from friendship? If so, Elsa has to be the perfect inspiration for a Frozen winter wedding! This season indeed enables some gorgeous wedding photos with dramatic scenery and maybe even a real white wedding if you are lucky enough to get snow. 

bella belle shoes elsa disney princess bridal shoes
Winter weddings make us think of sparkles, crystals and diamonds which Elsa obviously loves. We think Vera Wang wedding dresses epitomize elegance and class which is why we selected their Marcelle gown. Diamond cutouts elongate the body and the full-length arms might not keep you warm but will shimmer and shine like icy crystals in the winter sun. This elegant dress would pair beautifully with our modern Emma D'Orsay heels featuring delicate mesh, bejeweled in sparkling crystals and ivory silk caps on the heel and toe for the perfect finish to your Elsa-inspired look.

10. Merida Wedding Outfit

disney princess merida wedding dress

Are you dreaming of a wedding in bonnie (that's Scottish for beautiful!) Scotland with its spectacular scenery and historic castles? Perhaps your Scottish heritage is calling or you need an excuse to visit Edinburgh, and have tea and delicious scones in the cafes where Harry Potter was written. If so, you could take your Disney inspiration from Brave and Princess Merida. With her strong personality, we don't imagine Merida adorned in frills and flounces. We think she would wear something more structured. Merida is also very sensible and would know that Scotland can have four seasons in one day, so would probably opt for long sleeves.  

bella belle shoes merida disney princess bridal shoes

How about this Calypso gown from Pronovias with its elegant crisp lines? Even Merida would have a little sexiness on her wedding day, and the pearl-trimmed plunging neckline and sheer back provide a sophisticated glimpse of skin below. For the perfect matching shoes, we would suggest our slingback Georgia kitten heels (we don't think Merida would go too high but we do have a high-heeled version - Gabrielle). Both Georgia and Gabrielle have a scattering of tiny pearls just like the trim on the Pronovias Calypso gown. Plus a large silk now at the back for an extra hint of glamor. Are you ready to run away and elope to Scotland now?

11. Moana Wedding Outfit

disney princess moana wedding dress

We don't mean to get too serious but did you ever struggle with finding your place in life, or your identity, and then your partner came along and everything fell into place? Princess Moana also struggled to find her identity so possibly she is the Princess to inspire you. This tale was based in the Polynesian islands which would be a pretty amazing place for a honeymoon. 

bella belle shoes fabiola moana disney princess
Moana is a little bit different from most Disney princesses so we had to choose a wedding gown that is also a little bit different. We have certainly achieved that with this unusual Hermione de Paula creation! From the Kado collection, this Sea Glass Green Wildflower gown features a wrap-around bodice and sheer blush fabric with delicate yet dramatic embroidery. It was not difficult to choose a shoe to add to this amazing dress as our blush Fabiola block heel sandals will complement this gown beautifully. These are simple sandals at the front but they feature a little twist at the back with a garden-like illusion, teardrop pearls and beaded flowers. You are sure to feel like an exotic princess in this exquisite combination.

12. Pocahontas Wedding Outfit

Pocahontas disney princess wedding dress

Oh, how we adore a love story where a couple come together against all odds as in Disney’s Pocahontas. Based on a true story Pocahontas and Captain John Smith fell in love despite their differences and their love even prevented a war. Wouldn't it be lovely if all our relationships could stop a war - although this may be far-fetched wishful thinking? But perhaps your relationship brought two cultures or nationalities together or very different families, and if this is the case Pocohontos could give you a little inspiration.

Pocahontas disney princess wedding shoes

From the iconic Vivienne Westwood, we have chosen this Mini Cora Cocotte short wedding dress designed for Vivienne’s granddaughter Cora on her 21st birthday and worn by none other than Hayley Bieber! This sumptuous silk satin gown will sculpt your silhouette and for extra drama, a detachable overskirt is also available. To complete that Pocahontas vibe we would suggest our Hera white leather pearl wedding sandals. Hera is adorned with crystals and pearls but is still very minimalist to keep with the nature theme of Pocahontas. Furthermore the blue soles of these sandals are perfect for your “something blue” to wear at your wedding.

13. Aurora Wedding Outfit

disney princess aurora wedding outfit

If you are anything like me, you will need your beauty sleep (I must admit to being a little bit grumpy without it). While Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty was sent to sleep for a hundred years, she did wake up to her handsome prince. Did you open your eyes to someone who had been right in plain sight for a long time and suddenly realize they were your person? Or are you a sleepy head? Whatever your reasoning, you could borrow some of Aurora’s style for your wedding. 

bella belle shoes aurora disney princess
If you are considering Disney fairytale wedding dresses, then you will love Allure Bridals Disney collection from 2022. Allure Bridals have a specific ‘Aurora’ gown featuring very trendy removable sleeves and a fitted bodice both covered in delicate floral embroidery which trails onto a princess skirt with layers of soft tulle. We think Bella Belle’s Esther sling-back low heels would coordinate beautifully. With delicate floral embroidery and a removable tulle bow, this is surely a match made for a princess wedding.

Dressing like a princess is every girl’s dream for her wedding day. We all have our favorite Disney princess that comes to mind when we think about when we’re dressing up. When you’re planning your dream Disney Princess wedding, don’t forget to ask yourself what your favorite princess would wear and maybe you’ll find the right look for you.

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