Luckiest Wedding Dates in 2023

Luckiest Wedding Dates in 2023

Now that you’re engaged, the next most important step is to choose your wedding date. 

While it might seem like an insignificant decision for some, others believe that it can impact the entire marriage. If you choose an auspicious wedding date, it is believed that you will have a good marriage as you had a good start. Pick an unlucky date and well, it could be a very rocky marriage. 

And even if you don’t believe in luck or fortune, there really isn’t a downside to picking lucky wedding dates 2023.

In Chinese and Indian culture, a lot of the best wedding dates 2023 are picked based on the wedding couple’s birth date and birth time. So a lucky wedding date is produced and personalized for each couple. For the best wedding dates 2023 astrology, it is all left to the stars. Dates that do not have Mercury, Venus, or Mars retrograde are considered lucky and best dates to get married in 2023 astrology. 

Everyone wants to begin their married life on a strong start, so browse below to see what are the luckiest wedding dates in 2023. 

Spring Cool Wedding Dates in 2023

Rosa spring Luckiest Wedding Dates in 2023

Danielle Ambry Photography

If you love the significance of numbers, a very cool and energetically strong date falls on February 23, 2023 (02/23/2023). In astrology, that day falls on the waxing moon, which leads to a rebirth and growth — great as a start to your marriage. It also falls on a Thursday so there’s a reason for you and your guests to have a long weekend! 

March also has a lot of cool wedding dates by using a combination of numbers. A few significant ones are 03/02/2023, 03/03/2023 and 03/23/2023. 

And since it’s the Spring month, don’t forget to get your wedding shoes with flowers like Rosa, to celebrate the beautiful flowers blooming. 

Good Wedding Dates 2023 For The Summer

Fabiola Summer Luckiest Wedding Dates in 2023

Kenzie Victory Photography

There is no doubt that summer is a popular month to say “I do”. It’s warm and suitable for outdoor weddings, and it gives the notion of relaxation and celebration. For a garden or outdoor wedding, opt for a sturdy block heel like Fabiola to prevent your heels from sinking in grass. 

A few significant summer lucky wedding dates are 06/17/2023, 06/21/2023, 07/07/2023 (the sum of the numbers equals to the sum of the year), 08/01/2023, 08/07/2023 and 08/28/2023. P.S. Did you know that the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture? The word “eight” (八) sounds similar to “wealth” (发). So it’s no wonder that August is a lucky wedding month. 

Fall Lucky Wedding Dates 2023

Chelsea Fall Luckiest Wedding Dates in 2023

Lindsey Ford Photography

Fall weddings are perfect for couples who love having nature’s foliage as a photo backdrop. I mean, can you really say no to crisp orange, red and yellow leaves? If burnt orange is your wedding color palette, then consider a nude shoe like Chelsea

Some lucky wedding dates for the Fall season in September are 09/03/2023, 09/16/2023 and 09/25/2023, while in October, they are 10/03/2023, 10/12/2023 and 10/28/2023. 

Best Wedding Dates 2023 For Winter

Jasmine Winter Luckiest Wedding Dates in 2023

Sophie Kaye Photography

Let’s be real, winter weddings are the least popular amongst couples because of the unpredictable weather. But IYKYK — lower wedding costs, stunning falling snow as your photo backdrop and more venue options. For your shoes, you want to ensure that you keep your feet warm. So opt for closed toe wedding shoes like our Jasmine pumps

If you’re having a winter wedding, consider these lucky wedding dates 11/05/23, 11/17/2023, 11/29/2023, 12/02/2023, 12/13/2023 and 12/21/2023. 


What is the best month to get married in 2023?

In Chinese culture, March, July and September are considered unlucky because it relates to death. All other months are great but the luckiest months to get married are in May, August and October.

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