Our Most Popular Sequin Shoes

Our Most Popular Sequin Shoes

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Prepare to dance through the glimmering galaxies of sequin shoes! We get it – shoes are more than just accessories; they're the stars of the show. And when it comes to stealing the spotlight, nothing beats the dazzling allure of sequins. Whether you're a trendsetter or just love a touch of shimmer, sequin shoes are about to become your new obsession. 

As we step into 2024, get ready to witness the surge of sequin shoes taking the fashion world by storm. The runway forecasts a shimmering revolution, with sequins becoming the must-have trend for the year ahead. Not only have we witnessed the shimmering revolution on couture runways, but sequins have also become a staple in high street fashion. No longer confined to the holiday season, sequins have seamlessly integrated into the broader fashion landscape, and bridal ensembles are no exception to this dazzling trend. From couture to everyday street style, sequin shoes are not just a passing craze; they've become a year-round fashion statement that promises to add sparkle to every step of your journey. 

From comfy glitter kicks to show-stopping sparkling heels, we're about to unveil why sequin shoes are the hottest new trend. So, fasten your seatbelts, because we're diving headfirst into the dazzling universe of sequin shoes, and trust us, you won't want to miss a single sparkle! 


Our Most Popular Sequin Shoes
Dreaming of a wedding day filled with romance and enchantment? Say hello to Viola – featuring hand-sewn ivory flower buds made with luminous sequins, beads and pearls on illusion mesh, these blue and ivory wedding shoes add a touch of magic to your ensemble. The secure ankle strap ensures both comfort and style, while Vivian, the 3-inch block heel version of Viola, provides an elegant height option.


Our Most Popular Sequin Shoes

Shop Freya

Prepare to paint tradition with a modern brush as you slip into Freya, Claire Pettibone's rendition of enchanting dusty blue wedding shoes. With embroidered blue flower buds on the toe and heel cup, Freya adds a contemporary twist to timeless elegance. The subtle shimmer of silver threads and clear sequins elevates these heels to a new level of sequin-inspired charm.


Our Most Popular Sequin Shoes

Shop Evelyn

Your passport to modern luxury in the world of sequin charm begins with Evelyn Nude. Hand-sewn sequins and embellished Strass crystals create an eye-catching shimmer effect ensuring you dance through your wedding day with comfort and flair. But here's the secret – Evelyn Nude isn't just for the aisle; it's your go-to pair for post-wedding celebrations and beyond. Versatile enough to match any dress with nude lining, it is a wardrobe essential. And if nude isn't your vibe, Evelyn also comes in ivory, offering a stylish alternative for brides


Our Most Popular Sequin Shoes

Shop Rosa

Picture this: a floral fantasy comes to life with Rosa Ivory, the ultimate flower bridal shoes that redefine romance. Hand-beaded 3D flowers, laser-cut chiffon blooms, and sequin chip petals create a luxurious spectacle for your special day. With an ankle strap closure for a secure fit, these are perfect for the romantic and boho bride who craves both style and ease. And guess what? Rosa Ivory comes in a blush color too, because your bridal journey deserves a touch of ethereal allure.


Our Most Popular Sequin Shoes

Shop Elsa

Ready to rewrite the rules with glitter wedding shoes? Elsa Ivory shatters glass slipper expectations with its mesmerizing sequins, offering a bold and distinctive choice for brides seeking to stand out. Oh, and did we mention that Elsa Ivory comes in black and nude as well? Because, darling, every bride deserves options as bold and unique as her dreams!


Our Most Popular Sequin Shoes

Shop Norah

Ever wished for a hint of shimmer without overdoing it? Your wish is granted with Norah Ivory — the epitome of understated elegance. Picture delicate sequins and beads dancing with each step, forming exquisite roses at the toe. They're a subtle symphony of sparkle, perfect for the romantic brides. Because who said sequins can't be sweet and sophisticated?


Our Most Popular Sequin Shoes

Shop Dorothy

Get ready to tie the knot with Dorothy – not just with a marriage vow, but with a sparkling bow at the toe of these ivory heels! These bow-adorned beauties boast clean, classic lines with a sleek and modern vibe. The D'Orsay silhouette adds a touch of allure, highlighting the foot's arch with a chic cutout at the instep. Despite being made of clear beads, Dorothy's bow dazzles with a sequin-like shimmer, making it the perfect choice for brides seeking a fun and bold twist on classic elegance.

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