Emily in paris most iconic fashion looks

The 10 Most Iconic Emily in Paris Outfits

Emily in Paris, the delightful TV series that whisked us away to the romantic streets of the City of Love, charmed viewers across three enchanting seasons. With its irresistible mix of fashion, romance, and the occasional cultural misunderstanding, the show became a guilty pleasure for many. Season one introduced us to the vivacious Emily Cooper, a spirited American navigating the glamorous world of French marketing with her signature panache. Season two embraced us with even more captivating adventures, as Emily's love life took center stage amidst the picturesque backdrop of Parisian landmarks. And in season three, we eagerly followed Emily's blossoming career and the captivating twists and turns that kept us on our toes. Through it all, Emily's impeccable wardrobe and infectious optimism transported us into a world where dreams, love, and croissants were all within reach. 

Enter this glamorous world and witness the fashion spectacle unfold. From Emily's mesmerizing runway moments to the chic ensembles of her stylish friends, each outfit is a testament to the allure of Parisian fashion. Let's delve deeper into some of the Emily in Paris clothes, accompanied by the perfect pair of shoes to complete each look. So, pour yourself a café au lait, sit back, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Emily in Paris fashion!

Emily Season 1: Pierre Cadeau's Model

Emily in Paris fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

Witness the fashion spectacle of Season 1 of Emily in Paris as our beloved Emily takes the spotlight, gracing the runway as the muse for the renowned designer Pierre Cadeau. Behold the sheer artistry of the sculptural white mini dress, where asymmetrical 3D petals burst forth, creating a captivating visual feast. In this ethereal ensemble, Emily truly resembles a regal swan princess, poised and enchanting. To complete this mesmerizing look, we present our Odette bridal heels, a perfect match with their contemporary geometric lace. Of course, Emily will feel like she is walking on water with Odette’s luxurious padded soles. Named after the very swan princess herself, these shoes ensure that Emily is adorned with nothing but the best. 

Emily Season 2: Runway Show Style

Emily in Paris fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

In the second season, Emily continues to wow us with her impeccable fashion sense. As she attends a glam runway show, she wears a stunning tulle red dress that oozes confidence and flair. This gown may indeed have put all eyes on Emily rather than the runway models, solidifying her status as a fashion icon. The vibrant hue of the dress perfectly complements her radiant personality, making her the center of attention wherever she goes. To elevate this bold look, we recommend pairing it with our Lisa red heels, which are a must-have for any fashion-forward individual. These exquisite kitten heels feature delicate pearls and crystal accents, adding a touch of luxury to Emily's ensemble. The charming red bow on the heels not only ties the whole look together but also adds a playful element to her outfit. With every comfortable step, Emily will delight Paris with elegance and sophistication, effortlessly showcasing why her Emily in Paris fashion outfits are the talk of the town.

Emily Season 2: Print-On-Print Fashion

Emily in Paris fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

If you're interested in trying out the print-on-print fashion trend, here's a valuable suggestion: combine different patterns and solid colors. This choice will create a contrast that helps to anchor the bold and eye-catching patterns. A simple and solid-colored jacket acts as a visual break, allowing the prints to stand out without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. Take Emily as an example: she incorporated a touch of orange on her Dolce & Gabbana bag and skirt, while also opting for a yellow suit jacket that aligns with the same color family. The strategic use of complementary hues allows the outfit to flow harmoniously. To complete the overall outfit, we suggest pairing our yellow Reese heels, which boast a silk bow, adding to the contemporary and modern aesthetic.

Emily Season 3: Love At The Lavender Fields

Emily in Paris fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

In Season 3, our beloved fashionista finds herself strolling through the enchanting lavender fields of Provence. And as always, she manages to make a style statement that leaves us in awe. For this picturesque setting, Emily chooses an outfit that perfectly captures the essence of the serene surroundings. She wears a flowy lavender sundress, enriched with delicate floral patterns and playful ruffles that dance in the gentle breeze. The dress hugs her silhouette gracefully, highlighting her feminine charm and emitting a carefree spirit. The perfect shoes to match would be our Eliza lavender butterfly garden block heels which would allow Emily to navigate the uneven terrain of the lavender fields with ease. These enchanting heels, adorned with delicate butterflies, evoke the whimsical charm of the Provencal countryside. With their blooming floral embroidery and hand-sewn tiny beads, we can imagine Emily gracefully wandering through the purple-hued landscape, in a seamless fusion of style and nature, embodying the spirit of the Provencal charm. If you're looking to recreate Lily Collins' Emily in Paris outfits, this lavender ensemble would be a stunning choice.

Sylvie Season 2: Boss Style

Emily in Paris Sylvie fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

While Sylvie is often regarded as the best-dressed character in Emily in Paris, one thing is certain: she possesses impeccable taste, a bold demeanor, and immense passion which makes her one daunting boss for Emily. Sylvie never fails to make a stylish statement and consistently appears in sophisticated ensembles, much like her white chain-embellished jacket and matching dress showcased in Season 2. This outfit would harmonize perfectly with Morgan, our D'Orsay crystal heels that feature a beautiful brooch made up of dazzling crystals. With each step she takes, the brilliance of these crystals will catch the light, captivating the attention of everyone who beholds Sylvie's captivating presence. The overall outfit creates a fashion moment that is both powerful and enchanting, leaving a lasting impression on all those fortunate enough to witness Sylvie's impeccable style. 

Sylvie Season 3: Bold in Black

Emily in Paris Sylvie fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

In Season 3, we can't help but fall head over heels for Sylvie's fabulous fashion choices. Known for her sophisticated and chic style, Sylvie continues to captivate us with her impeccable taste in her outfits in Emily in Paris. In one memorable scene, Sylvie steals the spotlight in a breathtaking black ensemble that oozes glamor and confidence. She wears a revealing black dress with sheer long sleeves. The dress shows off her figure flawlessly and exudes an air of allure. To elevate her look to new heights, Sylvie could pair her ensemble with the elegant Elsa Black heels. These Cinderella evening heels are embellished with shimmering crystals and sequins, perfectly matching the opulence of her dress. The Elsa Black shoes not only provide a luxurious touch but also ensure Sylvie is comfortable as she sashays through the Parisian streets. With her impeccable fashion sense, Sylvie proves that black never goes out of style, and she effortlessly commands attention wherever she goes. 

Mindy Season 2: Birthday Bash

Emily in Paris Mindy fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

When Mindy arrives at Emily's birthday bash in Season 2, it is obvious why the clothes from Emily in Paris are so iconic. Mindy steals the spotlight at Emily’s birthday party with her show-stopping outfit. Clad in a neon yellow, strapless gown, Mindy radiates pure energy and vivacity. Interestingly, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, famously donned the same Oscar de la Renta gown to the American Ballet Theater spring gala. This flamboyant dress features a ruched bodice that accentuates Mindy’s curves flawlessly, while its strapless design showcases her shoulders and adds a touch of sophistication. As she makes her grand entrance, the wind catches the train of her gown, creating a mesmerizing dance of vibrant yellow fabric. And to complete her look, Mindy could opt for the glamorous Teagan Crystal Rope Gold Strappy Heels. These dazzling gold heels perfectly complement her gown, adding an extra dose of elegance and luxury. As Mindy struts across the room, the Teagan heels twinkle with every sumptuously soft step, accentuating her confidence and unique sense of style. With her unforgettable appearance at Emily's birthday, Mindy proves that she's a fashion force to be reckoned with, leaving us all inspired to embrace bold colors and make a statement with our own personal style.

Mindy Season 3: Golden Girl

 Emily in Paris Mindy fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

In season 3, the stunning Mindy showcases confidence in her exquisite metallic gold blazer and pants. While gold is often associated with attracting wealth, it's clear that Mindy possesses more than enough wealth to be an independent woman. When styling gold attire, it's advisable to choose accessories that complement the gold rather than perfectly match it. While we offer a variety of gold shoes, we recommend opting for a more subtle option that incorporates a touch of gold, such as our Audrey heels. These heels feature pearls and gold rings, while the shoe itself is crafted from elegant shimmering ivory silk. This way, the attention remains on the striking golden suit without overpowering it.

Camile Season 2: Mixing It With The Military 

 Emily in Paris Camile fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

In the fashion-forward world of Emily in Paris, Camille, the charming and intelligent daughter of the founders of a prestigious French champagne brand, captivates us with her Parisian style. In one memorable scene, Camille combines the Balmain Military Jacket in gold cream with a pair of wide-legged black pants from her Emily in Paris wardrobe full of designer clothes. The double-breasted Balmain blazer adds a touch of refinement to her ensemble, perfectly complementing the structured silhouette of the pants. Camille carries a wicker bag from the French label Patou to complete her chic look, showcasing her love for French labels. It's clear that Camille has an eye for timeless fashion pieces. Now, let's talk about the shoes that can elevate this sophisticated outfit to new heights. Our Rita Black heels are the perfect choice to accompany Camille's stylish ensemble. These comfortable heels are both feminine and elegant with their delicate Swiss dot pattern and charming cap-toe design. The ribbons add a playful touch, creating a romantic and whimsical feel. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these heels showcase both comfort and style, making them an ideal choice for a day filled with business meetings or a glamorous evening event. With their timeless design, Rita Black heels perfectly align with Camille's sophisticated and refined fashion sense, adding the final touch of glamor to her ensemble. With Camille as an inspiring example, we are reminded of the power of fashion to convey our unique personalities and make a lasting impression.

Camille Season 2: Power Moment

 Emily in Paris Camile fashion outfit with Bella Belle Stylish Heels

This power suit is designed for a powerful female role. As Camille endeavors to expand her family business, Champère Champagne, she must portray a strong woman. There's no better way to assert presence than by confidently donning an oversized white blazer. Heighten gazes with our Serafina platform block heels. These heels feature secure ankle straps at the back and an elegant silk knotted tie at the front. Not only will they elongate legs, but they'll also provide all-day comfort, ensuring Camille feels both empowered and at ease. With this power suit and the added height and confidence that the Serafina platform block heels offer, Camille will effortlessly captivate the room and leave a lasting impression. This ensemble truly exudes power, style, and success.

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