Wedding Shoes UK: Bella Belle’s Top 10 Bridal Shoes UK

Wedding Shoes UK: Bella Belle’s Top 10 Bridal Shoes UK

Attention UK brides: we have rounded up our top bridal shoes in the UK for you. Check out this bridal shoe line-up as chosen by real UK brides for walking down the aisle. You love classic elements such as lace and pearls, and you love a nod to tradition with something blue. When you are presented with a beautiful and fresh twist of the time-honored tradition, your heart goes pitter patter. You also know how blessed you are to have a plethora of romantic wedding venues to choose from, ranging from the serene English countryside to the breathtaking hall, manor, or castle with history carved out in every turn, so you use that to your advantage.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes UK

There is so much emphasis on finding the perfect wedding dress that, oftentimes, it’s easy to forget about your shoes. In fact, wedding shoes are equally as important as they carry your weight (literally) throughout the whole day. Whether you dream of getting married at St. Andrews, Glasgow like the royals or at the beautiful Carlowrie Castle, you deserve a pair of stunning shoes that keeps you comfortable all day. If you don’t, you’ll probably end the night with a feet full of painful blisters. 

Thankfully, getting comfortable wedding shoes in the UK is pretty easy as Bella Belle wedding shoes are known and raved by brides for our comfort. The secret? All our shoes, including heels, have three times more insole padding than any other shoe brand. When you wear it, you’ll literally feel like you’re walking on clouds from the soft and luxurious leather feel. 

With comfort now guaranteed, you can start the fun part of picking your perfect wedding shoes. Here are the Top Bella Belle wedding collection loved by our UK brides!

Bella Belle’s Top UK Bride Recommended Shoes

Anita Ivory Lace Wedding Shoes

bella belle anita
Photographer: Jasmine Lee

 What can be more perfect to match your lace wedding dress than an equally classic lace wedding shoe. Anita lace bridal shoe is a favorite with UK brides who love matching them with the classic ivory lace wedding gowns. The darling lace pattern is hand-embroidered by skilled artisans and the mesh material gives room for stretching for added comfort. Even brides with wider feet love Anita and rave about the comfort. 

I have wide feet and don't always do well with pointed toe shoes. I’m so happy I ordered Anita, they are very comfortable!!” - reviewed by #bellabellebrides Rebecca

Fun fact: The ivory color was made popular by Queen Victoria in 1840 when she married Prince Albert and it also signifies the wealth that one has. Since then, ivory bridal shoes have become staples for brides in the UK and all around the world. 

Anita is also available in kitten heels, Amelia and bridal flats, Alicia. 

 Freya Something Blue Wedding Shoes 

bella belle freya

Photography: Blush Wedding

Shop Freya

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe. This quote has been passed down from generation to generation and it’s a popular English wedding tradition even today! Get your ‘something blue’ with Bella Belle Freya from our designer collaboration with wedding dress designer, Claire Pettibone. This blue wedding heel has hand-embroidered blue threads to create a beautiful floral pattern. Wear this beauty with an equally beautiful lace wedding dress. 

bella belle annalise

Photography: Kurt Boomer

Shop Annalise

If you also want something silver to add to your something blue, Annalise Blue is the perfect fit! These are the flat wedding shoes UK brides rave about. The design brings you back to the glamorous days of British aristocrats and debutante balls, while the silver embroidery at the front is a homage to art deco architecture. In a comfortable 3 inch heel design, Annalise Blue wedding shoe is a favorite with our UK brides and it’s easy to see why! Whether your wedding venue is in the Woodhall Manor in the Suffolk countryside or Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, these vintage-inspired wedding shoes will complete your bridal look. 

“These are some of the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen! They are true to size and are pretty comfortable. When I brought them to my wedding dress fitting, the bridal consultant said they are the most beautiful wedding shoes she’s ever seen!” - reviewed by #bellabellebrides Katie

Don’t forget to add the silver sixpence for good luck! 

Fun fact: a wedding is a joyous occasion in all cultures. While the color blue is a nod to wedding traditions in the US, UK, Ireland and many other western cultures, the color red is a symbol of prosperity and luck in Chinese and Asian cultures. 

Frances Embellished Wedding Shoes for Brides

bella belle frances

Photography: Chymo More

Shop Frances

If you’re saying ‘I do’ at a grand and glamorous wedding venue, like Cliveden House in Berkshire or Grand Royale London Hyde Park, then you’ll need an equally glamorous low heel bridal shoes, UK style,  to fit the venue. No other bridal heels compare to Bella Belle Frances crystal embellished wedding shoes. Glam in luxurious hand-embellished crystals, this wedding shoe packs a punch with the amount of sparkles when you see it in person. It actually shines bright like the diamond on your engagement ring!

I'm in love with these shoes! It's even more beautiful in person and catches the light! They sparkle like you can’t even imagine” - reviewed by #bellabellebrides Nour 

Fun fact: Speaking of your sparkly engagement ring, do you know why your engagement ring is worn on the left ring finger? It is believed that this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heart, the Vena Amoris, meaning 'vein of love'. *cue awww…*

Frances is also available in high wedding heels, Florence, and gold wedding shoes, Frances. Looking for wedding flats with beautiful embellishments, check out the wedding flats Willow.

Match Your Tulle Wedding Dress With Elise

bella belle elise

Photography: Sally Pinera

Shop Elise

Match your Alice Temperley tulle wedding dress with Bella Belle Elise tulle wedding shoe, and you get a match made in heaven. Elise was born from our designer collaboration with renowned wedding planner and designer, Joy Proctor, who envisioned a fun and flirty persona. Elevating a classic stiletto design, Elise features an oversized tulle bow design, adding the tulle bow for an element of playfulness. You can also wear Elise to your hen party to match the fun atmosphere! This stiletto also has extra padding for all-day comfort, a feature we add in every pair of shoes we create. 

“Elise is utterly gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable. Great for long day wear, and dancing the night away” - reviewed by #bellabellebrides Lucy

Tip: Many of you usually opt to wear white outfits for your hen parties. Try a little white dress or a chic white pantsuit, with a hint of what is to come on your wedding day. It could be adding a color accent from your wedding to your hen party outfit, or even have the hen party to be inspired by your wedding theme. Wouldn’t it be a memorable extension of your wedding theme?

Traditional Meets Modern: Pearl Wedding Shoes


Photography: Set Free

Shop Carolina

When you think of London, you think of tradition and history mixed with modern elements. You can see that easily from the way traditional buildings, like the Tower of London, are right next to the modern London Eye. If you’re having a wedding in London, you’ll need a similar wedding shoe, UK style, that mixes traditional elements in a modern silhouette, like Carolina. The pearls symbolize wealth in traditional British culture and, when hand-beaded onto a modern T-strap, it creates the perfect blend of modern and traditional in a bridal shoe. Wear this pearl wedding shoe and mingle with your posh friends all day! P.S: We can totally see Princess Beatrice wearing this wedding shoe for her wedding to match the silver crystals on her dress!

I bought the Carolina T-strap heel for my wedding and they are amazing! They are so beautiful and comfy! I never felt the need to take them off, and I was wearing them throughout photos, the ceremony, and the reception” - reviewed by #bellabellebrides Skyler 

Tip: Looking for another way to infuse your classic-with-modern-twist style? What about in your wedding bouquet? You can achieve this by mixing monochromatic blooms in different textures. The color palette will look elegant and modern, while the different textures will make it a feast to the eye. 

The Disney Wedding Shoes fit for Cinderella

bella belle elsa

Photography: Kibogo

Shop Elsa

Just because you’re a grown #girlboss woman, doesn’t mean you can’t live out your childhood fantasy of being a Disney Princess. You might not want a puffy ball gown like Cinderella (because really, how do you walk in them?), but you can totally add a princess element with a Disney wedding shoe. Elsa features more than 3000 hand-beaded crystals, sequins and beads to create a modern day version of fancy Cinderella’s glass slipper - just way more comfortable. The combination of beads, crystals and sparkles create a subtle shimmering effect, while the soft leather insole brings a luxurious feel and design. 

I wore these for my wedding in December and they were so comfortable. I barely wear heels but wore Elsa, with some dancing, from 9am to 7pm!” - reviewed by #bellabellebrides Aisha. 

Fun fact: For all Disney fans, did you know that there were 7 copies of Cinderella's dress for the Lily James’ live action version? They are all in different lengths so she can use the shorter versions in the dancing scene or while running away from the ball. 

Georgia Comfortable Wedding Kitten Heels


Photography: Laura Gordon

Shop Gabrielle

One of our most popular ivory shoes UK brides recommend is Georgia, it has everything that brides are looking for in their dream wedding shoe! It has luxurious scattered pearls in a modern slingback pattern that provides security and comfort for all-day wear! Kitten heels are popular for their comfort and walkability. Also, can anyone say no to pretty bows? Bows are a big YES as it adds a feminine vibe, what more on a pretty wedding shoe. Georgia is the perfect bridal heels for a stunning wedding at Clearwell Castle or Manchester Hall. Walk into the luxury wedding venue with equally luxurious looking wedding shoes.

Fun fact: These Georgia is also available in a high heel version, called the Gabrielle. A bride wore the Gabrille and left the following review, “Absolutely love these, super comfortable to wear and beautiful ... The style has the same name as my Mum, so that is a lovely addition for my wedding day.” - reviewed by #bellabellebrides Adelle. 

Adora Flat Bridal Shoes UK

bella belle adora

Photography: Kurt Boomer

Shop Adora

Imagine this: You want to wear flats but you don’t because they look so frumpy or boring. Now imagine this: You want to wear flats and you finally do because you found the perfect bridal flats from Bella Belle that aren't frumpy at all! So many women had trouble finding beautiful wedding flats so we sought to create pretty flats that are equally as comfortable. Adora bridal flats have beautiful hand-beaded beads and crystals in the shape of flowers. It also has the perfect shade of ‘something blue’ sole for your ‘something blue’ tradition! Best part? You can totally wear these flats after your wedding to elevate a pair of jeans or a pretty dress. We can totally see the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wearing Adora during her downtime as she spends time with her kids outside.  

“Wow! Just wow! I received my shoes today and they just took my breath away. Delicate and beautiful in every way. They are narrow, but they mold to your foot once you slip them on. It feels like trying on Cinderella’s glass slippers!” - reviewed by #bellabellebrides Elizabeth 

Fun Fact: These flats are made of mesh material which molds to the shape of your feet - talk about extra comfort and the perfect fit! Mesh also allows your feet to breathe throughout the day unlike other unbreathable material, so you can officially say goodbye to sweaty feet and odor. 

Designer Bridal Shoes - UK Delivery

These are the most comfortable wedding shoes UK Bella Belle brides recommend. Bella Belle is known for being the most popular wedding shoe brand for brides. Whether you are searching for wedding shoes in the UK or anywhere else in the world, you can always shop wedding shoes online at We offer easy and fast delivery of wedding shoes to the UK. We accept returns, so as to ease your mind to pick the right shoes for your wedding. What is your favorite pair? 


Where to buy wedding shoes UK?

Bella Belle wedding shoes are the most popular bridal shoes amongst brides in the UK. These wedding shoes are comfortable and stunning, perfect for any UK venue and wedding dress. 

How to clean satin wedding shoes UK? 

First, dust off the excess dirt with a clean cloth. The mix a solution of 1 part soap to 3 parts water. Use a clean soft toothbrush to gently scrub the dirt off. Let your satin wedding shoes dry and repeat as necessary. 

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