Your Must-Read Guide To Wedding Shoe Trends 2023

Your Must-Read Guide To Wedding Shoe Trends 2023

Calling all 2023 brides, you’ll want to take note of these wedding trends: bridal shoes 2023 edition. 

When you first get engaged and you think about your wedding look, the first thing to do on your checklist is usually your wedding dress. But so many brides make the mistake of not thinking about their wedding shoes until it is way too late. In fact, your wedding shoes are so important because they can literally make or break how comfortable you are on your wedding day. Take a look at what other bridal shoes mistakes to avoid

Luckily for you, Bella Belle bridal shoes are known for our unmatchable comfort level (we include extra soft padding that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds), and our attention to detail. The results are comfortable wedding shoes that are stunning. Why settle for frumpy shoes when you can have pretty shoes that peek beautifully from under your dress? Think of all the amazing photos that you’ll get! 

So now that we have convinced you on how important it is to get beautiful and comfortable bridal shoes, it is also important to consider the 2023 wedding shoe trends. While 2022 bridal shoes were all about sophisticated glamor — think clean lines with elevated details, bridal shoe trends 2023 is about being fun and dressing up to party. From classic decorated bows to wispy feathers and ruffles decked with pearls, we have the perfect bridal shoes to dance all-night in. There is something for every type of bride. And while you’re here, take a look at the Spring 2023 wedding dress trends, and the 2023 wedding trends for Fall

Keep scrolling for our wedding trend report of the bridal shoes set for cult status next season, giving you all the main character energy. 

Jewelry On Your Feet

Crystals are a staple in wedding shoes fashion, but this 2023 wedding shoe trend gives a new spin on them. Instead of a traditional crystal buckle decorating your shoes, this year is all about crystal straps that wrap beautifully around your legs. 

2023 wedding shoe trends crystals

Sidney is for brides who love to be decked in jewelry from head-to-toe. Crystal chains drape around your legs gracefully like a piece of luxurious jewelry, giving you the illusion of model-like legs. Imagine how dazzling your night time pictures and videos will look with these crystal wedding shoes

Mules are always a staple, so 2023 elevates the mule strap into a bedazzled crystal strap. Wren’s braided crystal strap has just the right amount of bling to wow, but not overwhelm or take away from your wedding look. The clean and modern look makes Wren very easy to re-wear your wedding shoes after your wedding day

Decorated Bows

Bows are one of those classic staples in wedding fashion that are usually not headline worthy. In 2023, wedding shoes are about to take center stage with decorated bows. We reimagined classic satin bows to feel new and exciting again when decorated with pearls on the edges. Are you ready to bow down to bows? 

2023 wedding shoe trends bows

Mirabelle is all about the back. The oversized bows that are lined with pearls will make your guests take a double look at your 2023 bridal shoes. Plus points for the ankle strap that will keep you feeling secure and stable all-day long. 

Unlike Mirabelle’s statement at the back, Brooklyn’s decorated bows are front and center. With its classic mule silhouette, these oversized pearl bows are hand-sewn beautifully across the side of the foot. Wear Brooklyn with your silk wedding dress to complete your modern wedding look.  

Feminine Vibes Only 

This latest 2023 wedding shoe trend is for the romantics at heart. We love anything that is ethereal and delicately hand-crafted. In fact, we are very well-known for our handmade bridal shoes. So it’s no surprise that in 2023, we are taking it up a notch and crafting beaded wedding shoes that feel feminine. So what are you waiting for? Walk down the aisle in these stunningly detailed wedding heels. 

2023 wedding shoe trends feminine details

Eloise is decked with captivating ivory flower beadwork on comfortable mesh that is breathable for the summer months — no sweaty feet here. An oversized tulle bow gives Eloise that extra touch of femininity with a hint of young romance. 

While Eloise is all about youth, Kennedy is all about that come-of-age romance. We imagine a bride wearing Kennedy as she waltzes under the starry night sky on her wedding day. Kennedy’s hand-crafted artwork consists of crystals, beads and pearls, portraying a more timeless version of femininity.

A Hint Of Pearl

In 2022, pearls dominated the wedding scene, from wedding dresses with pearls to pearl wedding shoes. The pearl momentum is going to continue in 2023 but in a more refined way. Instead of being in your face, it’s going to be simple silhouettes that are elevated with just a hint of pearl — elegance without being overdone. 

2023 wedding shoe trends pearls

Remi is a modern wedding pump that features rows of pearls in a crescent shape at the side of the heel. The hint of elegant pearl is balanced with playful grosgrain mesh bows. The perfect modern wedding shoes for a modern bride. 

If you’re looking for a little more pearl detail, Faye is right up your alley. This modern bridal shoe silhouette is embellished with a pearl buckle and pearl-lined slingback. Double the pearl, double the sophistication. 

If Faye feels a little too embellished and Remi is a little too clean, you’ll fall in love with Emery. A comfortable wedding block heel that features a row of pearls that crown the vamp of the shoes. Just the right amount of pearl for a bride who loves pearls without being overdone. 

Ruffle Those Feathers

ICYMI, feathers are making their big comeback in 2023. It was all over the 2023 bridal week runway, signaling that your after party wedding look or reception look is going to be very important in 2023. 

2023 wedding shoe trends feathers

Quinn features the whimsical element in an over-the-top way. The focal point of these stiletto wedding heels design is the wispy feather across the toes. We love how the dramatic feathers contrast the simplicity of the satin heels. Look closely and you’ll see a pearl at the side of the strap, just for that little extra touch. 

Afterparty Ready

If you’re not feeling the feathers, we got you covered with another fun afterparty element - ruffles. Ruffles balance elegance and flirty, so that it is both ceremony and reception worthy for your 2023 wedding. 

2023 wedding shoe trends ruffles

Blaire has pleated organza ruffles that are embellished with pearl details on the edge. Who says elegance can’t also be unexpected and fun? The double ankle straps ensure that you stay secure as you have the best time on the dance floor or the afterparty. 

So here you have it. These are the Top 2023 wedding shoe trends. How do they compare to 2022's looks? What is your favorite bridal shoe trend 2023?  Whatever it is, Bella Belle has got you covered for the latest 2023 wedding shoe trends.

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