Buy Women’s Flats Online: Functional and Fashionable 

Women’s flats from Bella Belle are popular amongst fashionable ladies as they are comfortable and delicate in design. At Bella Belle, you won’t find any flats that are boring, frumpy or old-fashioned. Instead, you’ll find a collection of handmade and hand-beaded embellished dressy flat shoes that keep you feeling fabulous on and off the dance floor. The pearl, crystal, beads and lace details on our summer flats are hand-crafted by our team of talented craftsmen who take over 19 hours to complete your shoe. You know your designer flat shoes are made with a lot of love from the attention to detail that we provide. 

For wedding parties seeking comfort on top of our already stunning designs, our dress flats will check all the boxes. Bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom will all agree the comfort and style of Bella Belle flats shoes complete the special occasion look while still allowing one’s feet to feel comfortable during and after the wedding. We take special care in making sure our flats not only look stunning, but also feel comfortable and great on your feet. We make sure that all our women flats have extra padding on the insole so it provides a lot of support to your feet. You won’t need to worry about being in pain or being uncomfortable throughout the day with our comfortable women’s flats

They are also the perfect shoe choice for tall women who don’t want to feel too tall! If you’re not comfortable wearing heels, then opt for our comfy flats that will be your shoe staple. Despite them coming in a short 0.5 inch heel height, flats are very versatile and provide so much comfort so they are easy to walk and even run in. Whether you’re shopping for a wedding, prom, special occasion, or just because you want to treat yourself, we hope you fall in love with this collection as much as we have.

How To Wear Ballet Flats 

Bella Belle has so many chic flat shoes to choose from that are cute and highly coveted. You can wear them with anything, from summer dresses and office wear midi skirts to casual cropped jeans and denim shorts. Easily pair any of your outfits with our collection of stunning womens flats that come in a range of colors. 

Wear our gold lace flats for women with a gorgeous summer dress, perfect for the summer time! This outfit would be your go-to for a spontaneous brunch with the girls or to impress your date. If you want to elevate and take your work wear to the next level, opt for our beaded black womens flat shoes. There is no office rule that says you have to stick to boring and plain flats. Why not wow your client and colleagues by wearing fashionable and stylish flats that will make your outfit stand out. Besides, if you look good, you’ll in turn feel great and confident! You’ll be sure to impress during your presentations and endless meetings. 

From Sabrina “I love the quality of the shoes and they are really comfortable. They have everything: beauty and comfort!” 

How To Stretch Flats 

Bella Belle flats are made with high quality and breathable mesh material which makes it stretchable so it’ll fit your feet comfortably and perfectly. You can easily stretch your flat shoes for women by wearing extra thick socks and wear them while you lounge on the couch. After repeating this a couple of times for a few hours per day, your flats will naturally stretch so you have extra room at the toe area. 

Pro tip: If you have narrow to average width fit, stick to your usual shoe size. If you have wider feet, go half a size up! Based on our many years of customer experience, we recommend going with this sizing guide. 

How To Clean Flats 

A common question we get is how to clean your flats and keep them from smelling funky after a long day of wearing them. The good news is that our fashionable flat shoes are made from mesh material which is very breathable. This means your feet won’t be swimming in sweat as they have air to breathe. The result? Non-smelly feet and flats! You won’t need to worry about having smelly flats any longer with Bella Belle women’s flats

Since our flats won’t be smelly or stinky, you won’t need to worry too much about cleaning them. However, you can keep them in a pristine condition by getting a clean cloth or wipe and gently wipe the insole to remove any toe mark or stain. After use, be sure to store them away from direct sunlight or any humidity so the bead details stay in good condition. 

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