Shop Floral Wedding Shoes


      Shop Floral Wedding Shoes

      " I love the flower details at the back"


      "These really are the 12 hour shoes"


      "The most beautiful shoes I own, and the little lace flower is darling. "


      Why Choose Floral Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle

      Bella Belle floral bridal shoes come in various silhouettes, designs, and styles, so you can find the right pair for your wedding ensemble. Each pair of floral satin shoes takes roughly 20 hours of craftsmanship since every lace applique, chiffon petal, or 3D floral sculpture is hand-sewn by our expert artisans. From delicate lily buds to the flirty sway of dangling hibiscus blooms, our flower wedding shoes bring something unique to every bridal look.  

      Unsure if wedding shoes with flower accents are right for you? Bella Belle is here to help! Check out our Ultimate Wedding Shoe Guide for expert tips, tricks, and advisement. For more personalized suggestions, try our Bridal Style Quiz.

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