What Are Kitten Heels? 

Kitten heels are mid to low heel shoes that are between 2 - 2.5 inches high. They are very popular among women worldwide because they have a slight curve that makes your feet look very slim and model-like. Even if you have wider toes or have never been told you have beautiful legs, you’ll be sure to get a lot of compliments with our low heel pumps as the curved cut makes your legs look slim and attractive.

If you are tall in nature, you’ll love our short heels because it still gives you a little height without being too tall. It also gives you a lot of support due to the lower height so you don’t feel wobbly or unstable. Just because you are tall, it doesn’t mean you have to only stick to flats, you can totally wear our low heels and feel confident and beautiful in them. 

If you are not used to wearing heels in general, you’ll love our short heels! They aren’t as daunting as a 4 inch high heel shoe, but still, bring the same confident and stunning vibe you typically get from wearing heels. Whether you are a short or tall lady, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of kitten heels with Bella Belle shoes. 

Comfortable Low Heel Dress Shoes 

Why have a closet full of shoes if they are uncomfortable? Even self-proclaimed shoe lovers would disagree with that idea. Shoes are supposed to be comfortable because they support your weight when you wear them, literally. You’ll find the most comfortable kitten heel shoes that you can wear from day to night at Bella Belle. What makes our products more comfortable than others? We engineered our shoes with three times more padding on the insole, so you feel the comfort and support the minute you put them on. You’ll be surprised at the amount of cushion there is in the insole that makes it not only soft to touch but soft and padded on your feet. 

Our kitten heels are so comfortable because of the high-quality mesh material that we use. If you have bunion toes, we know how hard it is to find shoes that don’t leave you in pain. We understand your struggle, and we hear your pain. The mesh material is not restrictive at all. Instead, it stretches with wear and molds to the shape of your feet perfectly. You can also put on thick socks and wear the shoes to stretch them out even more so your feet are comfortable all day. You can finally have a cause to celebrate, as you finally found shoes that you can wear comfortably! 


How To Wear Kitten Heels 

You can wear your beautiful kitten heel in many ways. Wear them with a pair of casual jeans with a cute top or cozy sweater and some cat-eye sunglasses to elevate your casual-chic look. Roam the streets for a day of window shopping with your girlfriends with this casual chic look and capture the perfect Instagram outfit picture. 

Another way to wear your low heeled dress shoes is to wear them with a floral summer sundress, perfect for a daytime date or a casual picnic. They are so easy to walk in and provide the best support and look for your date outfit. 

You can also wear your womens low heel dress shoes with a bodycon dress or little black dress for a romantic date night, girls night out, or a night of dancing at the bar or club. Our short heels are perfect for the occasion as they not only look stunning and take your look to a whole new level; they also provide comfort and support so you can dance all night long. Our kitten heels are versatile, cute, and, most importantly, comfortable, the perfect addition to your shoe wardrobe. Find them in any color, from champagne, classic nude and gold crystals to black lace and bright red. They are perfect for mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom that balances glam with comfort. 

Real Bride Review

From Maria “This is my 3rd pair of the MOST beautiful and COMFORTABLE high heels. I am a Wedding Planner so having to be standing up for long hours, comfort and elegance is so important. Bella Belle you are the best of the best”


What are kitten heels?

Kitten heels are shoes that are between 2-3 inches in heel height. They are generally worn by women who want to wear heels but prefer a shorter heel height. 

How tall are kitten heels?

Bella Belle kitten heels are between 2-3 inches in heel height. 

How to wear kitten heels?

Kitten heels are very versatile and can be worn in many ways. You can elevate a casual jeans or dress look or wear it with a cocktail dress. 

How to style kitten heels?

Kitten heels are very versatile. You can elevate a casual jeans or dress look for a date night or wear it with a cocktail dress for a fancy event. 

Why are they called kitten heels?

Kitten heels were considered a 'training heel' for 'kittens', also known as young girls that not ready to wear a high heel stiletto. 

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