Shop Wide Width Wedding Shoes


      Shop Wide Width Wedding Shoes

      "I spent hours on the dance floor, so comfortable"


      "Extremely comfortable and great for wide feet!"


      "They were beautiful, and I got many compliments!"


      Why Choose Wide Width Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle

      Our wide bridal shoe collection was carefully curated from reviews by brides across the globe. This collection features various open-toe and peep-toe wide-width dress sandals for weddings and many of our mesh designs. The opening at the front of an open-toe shoe allows your feet space so they don't feel squished. On the other hand, if you love the look of a closed-toe heel, we recommend going for wide-width heels made of mesh. After a few pre-wedding wears, the mesh of our wide wedding shoes will stretch and mold to the shape of your feet, ensuring that you are comfortable and still have room for your feet to breathe. If the mesh takes longer than expected to adapt to your feet, try wearing them daily with socks to hurry the mesh adaption process. Enjoy your wedding day or special event comfortably with Bella Belle wide bridal shoes.


      What wedding shoes are made for broad feet?

      When it comes to wedding shoes for wide feet, you want to pick a roomy, flexible, and comfortable design. At Bella Belle, we can't recommend our mesh wedding shoes enough. Slingback shoes, open-toe shoes, and peep-toe sandals are additional designs that provide wiggle room. If you have wide feet, check out our shoe tips on how to find comfy shoes for you.

      How do I know if I need wide-width heels?

      If you are in-between sizes and typically feel more comfortable in the larger two sizes, we recommend opting for women's wide dress shoes for weddings. 

      How do you measure women's heels' wide-width sizing?

      We don't recommend measuring the width or length of your feet, as every woman's feet are different. However, we do recommend that you go for the larger size if you are in-between sizes.

      I have wide feet. Can I still wear closed-toe shoes?

      You most certainly can with Bella Belle! We recommend going for wide-fit wedding shoes made of mesh as they can be stretched to perfectly mold to the shape of your feet.  

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