Your Wedding Shoe Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality.

We’ve all taken the infamous Myers-Briggs Personality test whether once or multiple times throughout our lives. This psychological test attempts to categorize people into 1 out of 16 types of personalities. The personality types are a combination of E (Extrovert) or I (Introvert) + S (Sensing) or N (Intuition) + T (Thinking) or F (Feeling) + P (Perceiving) or J (judging).

From there, the test aims to help us to understand our personalities, strengths and weaknesses better. In turn, it will help us navigate our romantic relationships, friendships, family life and even work with intuition and ease. 

As a bride, you’ve probably looked at how your zodiac sign influences your wedding shoe, but have you thought deeper about your Myers-Briggs personality and how that can help you find the perfect wedding shoe? After all, you probably used the Myers-Brigg test to help jumpstart your career, so why not use it to find your bridal shoe that fits your personality type? 

Whether you are a practical (ISTJ) bride who doesn’t want the fuss or a trendy bride (ESFP) who wants the latest bridal trend, there is a wedding shoe for every type of Myers-Briggs personality. 

Find your bridal shoe below for your Myers-Brigg personality type. 

INTJ, “The Aspiring Bride”

While some brides don’t take their wedding too seriously (it is only one day after all), you are the opposite. You’ve set your mind that your wedding day will be the BEST day ever. Even before you said yes, you’ve followed all the top wedding blogs on Instagram and started envisioning your wedding. You will accept nothing less than the very best in food, decor, dress and shoes. 

Myers brigg INTJ wedding shoes

Shoe: Florence. Photo: Lili Kad. 

Your ambition to have the best wedding in history requires the very best in wedding shoes as well. Bella Belle Florence ivory wedding heel is the very best of best. Florence has the comfiest and softest insole padding for all-day comfort, high quality material and the hand-made beadwork. Witness the making of Florence and why it is the best wedding shoe ever.

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INTP, “The Visionary Bride”

You don’t just want to be a vision on your wedding day, you want your whole wedding to be a vision and be on another bride’s Pinterest vision board. This isn’t because you want to be a show-off, but rather you naturally have creative ideas that make a statement and leave your guests saying “wow”. 

Myers Brigg INTP wedding shoes

Shoe: Lucia. Photo: Rachel May

For a visionary bride like yourself, you need a shoe like Lucia that is a vision aesthetically. Adorned with hand-strung pearls and gold rings on a classic T-strap, this low heel wedding shoe is an elevated version of a classic kitten heel. Finish Lucia off by tying the ribbon straps at the back into an oversized bow. Lucia also comes in a 4-inch heel and flats. 

ENTJ, “The Managerial Bride”

As a boss babe, you are determined, quick to make decisions, strong-willed and confident. You don’t want to spend unnecessary time choosing between two very similar looking placemats because you would rather spend your time thinking about the big picture. 

Myers Brigg ENTJ wedding shoes

Shoe: Claudia. Photo: Mallory Dawn

Similarly with your wedding shoe choice, you want something that is classic and timeless, rather than following the latest trend that could end up being a fad. Claudia is a classic lace wedding pump, refreshed with delicate hand-embroidered flower lace on a beautiful nude mesh. An ENTJ like you would love the mesh because it is breathable (no sweaty feet) and molds to the shape of your feet (perfect for all feet, including wider feet brides). 

ENTP, “The Headline-Making Bride”

When you think about your wedding, it is YOUR day (and maybe 5% your fiance’s). This means that you want your wedding day to be a reflection of your dreams, ideas and personality, no outside voice matters but your own. If this means potentially making headlines with an edgy or bold idea that might make your mother-in-law cringe, so be it, because it is your day. 

Myers Brigg ENTP wedding shoes

Shoe: Matilda. Photo: Charla Storey

If you’re an ENTP, you want your wedding shoe to make a statement, in a big way. You’ll want something untraditional and bold, like a black heel. Matilda has fun Swiss dot patterns that goes into an oversized tulle bow at the back. Feminine and oh-so-daring, this little black heel is made for an edgy bride like yourself. Easily re-wear Matilda again after your wedding with a little black dress or elevate a pair of casual denim jeans. 

INFJ, "The Advocate Bride”

When you’re passionate about something, you’ll see to it that it happens. Whether it is passionate about the happiness of all your guests, or about ensuring you have the best wedding food, you are an advocate for yourself and your guests. 

Myers Brigg INFJ wedding shoe

Shoe: Adora. Photo: Laura Gordon. 

You’ll probably be on your feet a lot during your wedding day to ensure that everything is going smoothly, so you’ll want a comfortable wedding flat that is still stylish. Gone are the days where you have to choose between comfort or style, Adora has both! Comfortable with extra thick padding and stylish with the handmade floral beadwork at the front, Adora is made for an INFJ. 

INFP, “The Dreamer Bride”

You’ve dreamt about your wedding day since forever. You might even have sketchbooks filled with ideas and magazine cutouts that you’ve compiled over the years. Some might call you a dreamer but you know you’re not the only one that dreams about the perfect wedding day. 

Myers Briggs INFP wedding shoes

Shoe: Anita. Photo: Camilla Anchisi

A dreamer like yourself will require an equally dreamy wedding shoe that encompsses all your hopes and dreams from when you were a little girl. Bella Belle Abigail has the dreamiest flower lace design at the front. Tie the ankle strap around your legs like you would with a ballerina shoe and you’ll get the most dreamy block heel wedding shoe

ENFJ, “The Inspirational Bride”

You’re a people person, so this wedding is not just a way to let out your creative self-expression, but you also want to inspire your guests to be the best they can be. Whether it is infusing an inspiring quote into your wedding vows or place cards with something inspirational that is personalized for each guest, you want to inspire. 

Myers briggs ENFJ wedding shoes

Shoe: Reese. Photo: Happy Bloom. 

Reese is perfect for an inspiration like yourself. The bows are metaphorically shaped like butterfly wings, which in itself is an inspiration to all. The journey from being a caterpillar to cocoon and finally a butterfly is hard. As the journey to becoming a butterfly is inspirational, so are you to your circle of friends. A sophisticated slingback wedding heel for an inspirational bride.

ENFP, “The Enthusiastic Bride” 

“How will this wedding make people feel?”, that’s the question that you are constantly pondering as you plan for your wedding day. For an ENFP like yourself, a wedding isn't just a wedding. A wedding is about creating meaning experiences, whether it’s meaningful conversations or meaningful music. You want your guests to come out of the wedding feeling something deeper. 

Myers Briggs ENFP wedding shoes

Shoe: Cameron. Photo: KT Merry

Since you are enthusiastic about making meanings and connections, you want a wedding shoe that will be meaningful to you, perhaps even pass down as an heirloom. Cameron has geometric flower lace patterns that combine elements of nature into a pretty bohemian wedding heel. Tie the straps around your legs to give you enviable model-like legs. 

ISTJ, “The Practical Bride”

Unlike an INFP bride, you don’t want a big wedding. You want something small and intimate, maybe even eloping with just your parents as a witness. You’ve never really envisioned your wedding day and would rather spend your savings on a downpayment for your forever home. 

Myers briggs ISTJ wedding shoes

Shoe: Loretta. Photo: KT Merry

Similarly, you want a wedding shoe that you can easily re-wear again instead of it being worn for one day only. Loretta is a chunky 2-inch peep toe gold block heel that is perfect for your casual affair. Criss-cross straps entwine at the top of the heel with the prettiest gold embroidered lace at the sides. Just because you are practical it doesn’t mean you have to stick to a boring shoe. Say yes to Loretta that is both stylish and practical.

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ISFJ, “The Supportive Bride”

As an ISFJ, you started your wedding planning by asking everybody what they want your wedding to be. That’s just how selfless you are. This day is far from it being your day, it’s about everyone else and their happiness. When everyone is happy, you are naturally happy too. 

Myers Briggs ISFJ wedding shoes

Shoe: Viola. Photo: Laura Rose

Since you’re supporting everyone’s dreams and visions, you’ll need a wedding shoe that will support you comfortably, like Viola. This wedding heel stands comfortably on a 3-inch heel with soft padding that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds - literally. 

ESTJ, “The Organized Bride”

You’re the queen of excels and spreadsheets. You have a folder for every wedding category and vendor. There is nothing that you’ve not thought about for your wedding, making sure there’s a plan B, C and even D. 

Myers Briggs ESTJ wedding shoes

Shoe: Annalise. Photo: The Ganeys

An organized bride like yourself will most likely gravitate towards art deco styles that have more structured designs. Ivory wedding shoes like Annalise have vintage hand-embroidered glass beads with baguette crystals and strings that are glam, but also very meticulously placed, perfect for an ESTJ bride. 

ESFJ, “The Attentive Bride” 

As an ESFJ bride, you want to make sure that you are attentive to everyone’s needs, as well as your own. So when you make decisions, you ask for everyone’s input before making the final decision, because you want everyone to be happy with your choice. You truly are a “people’s person” as acceptance equals to your happiness. 

Myers Briggs ESFJ wedding shoes

Shoe: Monica. Photo: KT Merry

For your wedding shoes, you want something classic instead of something untraditional or trendy. Monica is a more classic lace kitten heel but is anything but boring. It is an elevated version of a lace pump with elegant floral lacework and a picot ribbon at the front. This shoe is one that everyone will love and complement you for - which is what you crave for. 

ISTP, “The DIY Bride”

Your loved ones call you the “DIY Queen”. You are creative and love using your hands to create beautiful crafts. Unlike other brides who purchase decor, you would rather purchase pieces so you can create something that is truly unique and reflects your personality and style. 

Myers Briggs ISTP wedding shoe

Shoe: Rosa. Photo: Corina V

Since you appreciate fine hand-crafted work, you also want your wedding shoes to have that reflection. Bella Belle Rosa has 3D floral beading with scattered pearls. Each flower petal is laser-cut and each pearl, pearlized, so you know these wedding shoes have the finest level of craftsmanship, perfect for an ISTP bride. 

ISFP, “The Artistic Bride”

Your wedding is guaranteed to be the most artistic and beautifully decorated wedding to date. You love art, so your wedding will be filled with your interpretation of your favorite art pieces and paintings, to your guests amazement. 

Myers Briggs ISFP wedding shoes

Shoe: Fabiola. Photo: Wild Cotton

Fabiola is chic at the front and artistic at the back. Your guests will be amazed at the beaded and pearl floral design at the back that is a statement on it’s own. While the Fabiola block heel is artistic in design, it is also comfortable with the extra soft padding in the insole, perfect for a 12-hour wear. 

ESTP, “The Originalist Bride”

Fun is your middle name. You want your wedding to be a fun event - think bounce house, photo booths, congo lines and cornholes. Seeing everyone having fun at your wedding fills your heart with so much joy. 

Myers Briggs ESTP wedding shoes

Shoe: Mariee. Photo: Savan Photography

As an originalist and fun bride, your shoe is a reflection of your fun and bubbly personality. Mariee exudes elegance with a fun and flirty blush silk bow at the ankle. The gold crystal embellishment at the front of this pink heel provides the ‘wow’ factor that you crave for. 

ESFP, “The Trendy Bride”

You’re extremely fashionable and are known as the fashionista of your friend group. You read Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Elle religiously to keep up with the latest trends. Your wedding won’t just be very fun and sociable, for the E (extrovert) of your personality, but it will also be a trend in itself with the trendy decor. 

Myers Briggs ESFP wedding shoes

Shoe: Kenzie. Photo: KT Merry. 

For a fashionista like yourself, you want the latest and trendiest wedding shoe. Kenzie has the latest bridal trends all in one shoe - elegant pearls, silver beads and a slingback shape. Kenzie is like jewelry on your feet, similar to the trendy pavé engagement ring style. 

These are the best wedding shoe styles that compliment your Myers-Briggs personality. Which bridal heel is your favorite? 


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