Beaded Bridal Shoes


      Beaded Bridal Shoes

      Beaded Bridal Shoes by Bella Belle

      Bella Belle's beaded wedding shoes are hand-sewn from start to finish. The end result is stunning and delicate beaded wedding shoes that are a work of art. So often, beaded wedding shoes look dated and frumpy, but Bella Belle beaded bridal shoes are made to be shown off. 

      Our Most Popular Beaded bridal Shoes

      Romantic brides who have dreamed about your wedding since you were young, or binge on rom coms, will gravitate towards Bella Belle flower beaded bridal shoes. 

      If you're looking for low heel beaded bridal shoes, you'll love Rosa. These beaded bridal shoe kitten heels feature flower beads and scattered pearls that feel luxurious and romantic. 

      Want something traditional, dreamy, and ethereal? Esther is one of our most interesting beaded bridal shoes. The dramatic oversized bow at the back adds fun to the dainty flower beading on the side and front. 

      Want something a little more secure? The Fabiola beaded bridal shoe style looks unassuming at the front but looks at the back, and you'll see a garden of beaded flowers at the back. 

      Flat Beaded Wedding Shoes

      Are you looking for extreme glamor with maximum comfort on your special day? Then, opt for Bella Belle flat beaded wedding shoes like Adora. Adora is a bestseller among brides who love the look of swiss dots, silver embroidery, and delicate flower beadwork. 

      Daisy resembles traditional flat beaded wedding shoes, but we elevated her with pearls and beads to form stunning flowers and vines sewn at the side of the flat. A classic shoe with a romantic twist. 

      Ivory Beaded Bridal Shoes for Ivory Dresses

      Wearing an ivory wedding dress? Complement the look with our ivory beaded bridal shoes. The Norah style has meticulously beaded sequined petals stitched to form stunning roses at the toe. 

      If you love the look of a full ivory beaded bridal shoe pump, consider Jasmine. Named after the beautiful Jasmine flower, the shoe features pearl and hand-stitched beads to form the Jasmine flower.

      Are you wearing a white wedding dress and not sure if ivory will match? No need to fret. Bella Belle ivory beaded bridal shoes are so light their luminance lets them serve as white beaded bridal shoes. In the rare event your ivory beaded bridal shoes just don't match the shade of your wedding ensemble, our return process is engineered for seamless refunds and exchanges. 


      I am wearing a wedding dress with beads, what shoes do I wear?

      We love the idea of wearing beaded wedding shoes with your beaded wedding dress! Beaded wedding shoes add an element of romance and elegance to your wedding outfit. For a stunning effect, choose an embroidery style similar to the beadwork of your dress. Check out our step-by-step guide in this video

      Will beaded wedding shoes poke my feet? 

      Beaded wedding shoes that are high quality, like Bella Belle beaded wedding shoes, won't poke your feet. The beads of our shoes are hand-beaded on the outer layer of our comfortable mesh so that they don't hurt your feet.

      The beads of my shoes poke my feet; how do I fix it?

      Add a layer of tulle lining to add another layer between the shoes and your feet. This should further stop you from feeling the beads.