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the story of Liv Hart

Liv created Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart after completing her degree in fine art. Liv’s background in painting, sculpture, and metalsmithing are used as sources of inspiration for the construction of each of her designs. Her exquisite designs are often her reflection and expression of art in wearable form. Having been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Met Gala, ELLE, and Harper's Baazar, she brings creative and unique designs to these stunning shoes by Liv Hart collection.

The Collection

The Liv Hart shoe collection for brides reflects Liv’s extensive background in metalsmithing and sculpture. The beautifully crafted designs came from the idea that shoes can be versatile enough to wear again after your wedding. You are able to change the ankle strap and wear the shoe four different ways: plain silk strap, silk strap with silk bow, jeweled floral strap, or jeweled floral strap with the silk bow. The versatility allows you to change the look from understated to a more statement look with just one shoe. You won’t find anything else like the stunning and multi-purpose shoes by Liv Hart.

Olivia Ivory

After having spent time in France over the past few years, Liv is inspired by the clean lines of modern French style and more ornate elements seen in vintage French design. The floral jewels add statement-making details to this chic and perfect wedding shoe.

Olivia Black

Reflecting on her love of everything French, the Olivia also comes in chic and versatile black for special occasions. The silver floral jewels is modern when paired with luscious black silk. The pendants used on this shoe are also used in her accessory and headpiece collection.

The Mariée

Mariée translates to bride in French and is also Liv’s middle name. This shoe has the same foundational French inspired feel with elegant lines and a slightly more playful look. It also features the same jeweled pendants used in her accessory and headpiece collection.