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A Bella Belle woman is a romantic lady who carries her individuality with a sense of confidence and elegance, whether in flats, high heels or in between.

Bella Belle was born out of our passion to embrace the spirits of strong and feminine women, by ways of beautiful shoes. Founded by women for women, we design for #TheRealYou. 


A Bella Belle lady is someone who is authentic to herself and her voice. She celebrates the beauties of being a woman and showcases her femininity unabashedly.   


At Bella Belle, we believe in the virtues of quality, comfort, and craftsmanship. Each shoe is cut, sewn and lasted by hand for that unsurpassed durability. We use only the finest and most luxurious materials to construct our shoes. Engineered for comfort, each shoe is cushioned with thick padding for all-day wear.  "Stunning" and "comfortable" are words most often used by our customers to describe our shoes.


Besides making Bella Belle women feel beautiful in our shoes, we believe in the importance of women's empowerment.  We work closely with women-owned businesses in our network of suppliers and vendors.  We are also proud supporter of Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that empower women through economic achievement around the globe.




 Veronyca believes shoes complete the outfit, like an exclamation point at the end of a sentence to give it an oomph. When she cofounded Bella Belle, she knew her formal education in business and her series of childhood entrepreneurial projects would be well utilized in the endeavor. 

To Veronyca, Bella Belle exists first and foremost in the happiness industry, and it just happens to be in the bridal shoe category. She will go the extra length (from expediting a last minute order during weekend to design customization) to make sure a bride’s vision is fulfilled.

Favorite Part of Preparing New Collection
“I get excited when a new collection goes up on the design board and the naming process begins. As we hold a pair of new shoes in our hands, we think of women in our lives and in the media who’ve inspired us and whose personalities emulate the shoes. It is amazing how a name breathes an identity and personality to the shoes. Some of the most memorable names are Jackie, Annalise, and Amorette, names that are special and very close to our hearts.”

Favorite Shoe from Bella Belle Collection
“Sophie, a style we developed exclusively for BHLDN. It is elegant, ethereal and precious. We spent weeks sourcing for the right delicate and demure lace fabric. Most importantly, it is a pair of flats that are comfortable and practical for walking down the aisle and dancing, of course!”

Source of Inspiration
“I draw my inspiration from the different sights, colors and textures from different countries I have visited.”



The shoe-obsessed one between the founders, Erina’s passion for design did not start in shoe design. Since she was little, she had set her minds to pursue her interest in architecture. After her formal educational training in architecture and a brief stint as an architect, she realized her actual dream was to become a #LadyBoss.

Equipped with her technical background, love and keen eye for designs, and endless entrepreneurial spirits, she set her foot forward with Bella Belle and never looked back.

What Wedding Shoes Should Be
“There is no boundary! Although our designs tend to be effortless and feminine, you will find our collection has a wide range of looks, from demure flats to sexy heels, and anything in between. A bride should ultimately choose a shoe that fits her personalities.”

Most Memorable Experience
“You get to create so many memorable ones when you are running a business with your best friend! The most memorable one is the first time we visited our production team overseas and spent weeks sourcing materials, developing our collection and learning the production processes. It was a great learning and bonding experience for us. It’s also always memorable when we shoot our collection look books because we get to meet and collaborate with many amazing talents and vendors who contribute to the work.”

Favorite Shoe from Bella Belle Collection
“Adora. The beautiful handmade embellishment work takes it from a simple flat to sophisticated grown-up flats.”


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