Fabulous Engagement Photo Outfits As Seen On Our Brides

Fabulous Engagement Photo Outfits As Seen On Our Brides

Now that you’re engaged, the next step to celebrate the new relationship status is your engagement photo session. These engagement photos are usually used for your save the dates, wedding invitations, wedding website and social media. It is also a great way to get to know your photographer and be comfortable in front of the camera. 


What To Wear For Engagement Photos

For your engagement shoot, you can go all out glam and live out your influencer fantasy life in dramatic gowns or keep it more in line with your personal style with something more relaxed and casual. You can also go for something fun and trendy like a puffy tulle sleeve dress or keep it classic and timeless with an A-line dress. 

Other brides plan their engagement photo dresses based on the season. For engagement picture outfits for spring, opt for clothing that is brighter and has floral accents or embroidery to go with the spring blooms. Summer engagement photo sessions can get very warm, so go for clothing that has lighter fabric like tulle to avoid sweat marks. Fall is a very popular engagement photo session season as the foliage provides the best photo backdrop. Fall engagement photo outfits tend to be slightly bolder in color with lots of layers while Winter engagement photo outfits are filled with rich colors, textures and layers. For your shoes, you aren’t limited to just ivory or white shoes. You can wear our collection of black heels that elevate any outfit or add a touch of luxury with our gold shoes.  

Regardless of which direction you choose, you want to feel proud to show off the photos in all your wedding memorabilia. 

Ahead, discover our favorite engagement picture outfits from our fabulous real brides who wore their Bella Belle shoes with their outfits for engagement photos. 

For the Classic and Timeless Bride

For the Classic and Timeless Bride engagement photo outfits

Photographer: Laney Oakes 

While pearls are a huge wedding trend right now, it has always been a classic and timeless jewelry for generations. Jenna kept it classic and elegant with a simple mini white engagement dress which she jazzed up with a feathered scarf. For her shoes, she opted for the Lisbeth pearl heels that are the epitome of bridal chic. This elegant white dress for engagement photos perfectly complements the relaxing lake setting. 

Pro Tip: We recommend choosing engagement outfits that will forever remain timeless rather than something trendy and hot right now that may feel out-of-fashion in years to come. 

For the Casual Bride or Fall Engagement Photo Session

For the Casual Bride or Fall Engagement Photo Session

Fall or winter engagement photo sessions are a great time to dress up in leather jackets and jeans. You can also get away with a little more color since the sun is low in the sky. Our bride kept it chic and casual with her choice of layers, and added a cute statement for her shoes with our Anita lace heels, making this the perfect casual engagement photo outfit.

Pro tip: Pick something that reflects who you are as a couple. When choosing casual engagement photos outfit, think about what your fiancé loves about you, and how he wants to show off that side of himself to the world. Is it your sense of humor? Your style? Or maybe it's something like "she always keeps me warm in winter." Whatever it is, this is what should be reflected in your outfit choices for the engagement photo shoot.

For the Fashionista Bride or a Spring Engagement Photo Session

For the Fashionista Bride or a Spring Engagement Photo Session

Spring is in the air and engagement season is in full swing. Spring engagement photo outfits are the best way to show off your love and personality. Our bride Melissa, wore a puffy tulle sleeve short white engagement photo dress which has such a fun silhouette and personality! Plus, it’s super easy to wear it with any shoe style. You can dress it down with strappy sandals or up with the Elsa sequin heel. These engagement photo outfits ideas are also perfect if you're a fashionista bride who wants to stay fashionable for your engagement photos.

Pro tip: Tie your engagement shoot outfits together with a color scheme. You want to create a cohesive synergy rather than have everything jumbled up together. For example, if you love muted tones, keep the whole look muted so that it doesn’t look too busy (and that includes your partner’s outfits too). 

For the Romantic Bride

For the Romantic Bride engagement photo outfit

Calling all romantic brides, this engagement photo outfit look is for you. Take inspiration from our bride, Bri and her romantic and long flowy dress for engagement photos. A long and flowy maxi dress  for engagement photos is so romantic without being too formal — and it won’t make you feel uncomfortable during the shoot (especially if you’re having a summer engagement photo session). Tulle is also perfect for an engagement photo because it looks great in photos! Bri completed her soft look with our Elise tulle heels. 

Pro tip: Add fun textures to your wedding look which will really make your photo come to life! We love textures like tulle, fringes, feathers and even shimmery sequins as grab attention and work really well with any backdrop. 

For the Preppy Bride

For the Preppy Bride engagement photo outfitPuffy sleeves are one of the most popular trends in fashion right now, so it’s no surprise that they’re making their way into engagement photos as well! Our bride looks gorgeous in her engagement photos white dress with puffy sleeves. She completed her preppy look with our Bridget heels which feature fun polka dotted ruffles. This whole engagement pictures outfit look will make even the queen of prep fashion, Blair Waldorf proud. 

Pro tip: You want to complement each other but be matchy matchy. If you are wearing prints, have your partner wear solid colors so that the engagement pictures outfit don’t look so busy and end up becoming a distraction. 

For the Cool Bride

For the Cool Bride engagement photo outfits 

A getaway car is a must-have for any couple's engagement shoot, especially a cool bride like our bride, Nancy. A getaway car will give you some great photos with a vintage vibe, as well as be the perfect backdrop for some iconic photos. Keep your engagement outfit simple with a fitted white engagement photo dress and our Florence lace up crystal heels. 

Pro tip: Incorporate at least one accessory for each engagement outfit look. Whether it’s a statement earring or a chunky necklace, they add another layer of oomph to your engagement photo outfit. 

For the Fun Bride

For the Fun Bride engagement photo outfitsSarah Jane Bradley Photography

Want to stand out in your engagement photos? Try wearing a jumpsuit like our bride, Alyssa. Not only is a jumpsuit so chic, you will easily be able to re-wear this look again for any occasion. Alyssa completed her fun and chic look with our lace up ivory heels, Blake

Pro tip: Choose engagement outfits that you can easily re-wear again. With the many expenses that you have for your wedding, do you want to use a lot of that budget into your engagement photo outfit. 

How many outfits for an engagement shoot?

Stick to two outfits for your engagement photo. The last thing you want is to rush to change into your many outfits in that short period of time. And if you’re having your engagement photo outdoors, you don’t want to spend your time trying to find public bathrooms to change your outfits. 

What color to wear for engagement photos?

There is no rule that says you have to stick to ivory or white for your engagement photos (even though a lot of brides choose to do so). You can go colors that fits the theme, the venue, the season or something that feels more in tune with your personal style. 

What to wear for mountain engagement photos?

For the mountain backdrop, wear something floral or colors that complement the beautiful nature. Stick to natural colors and not competing patterns or textures. For your shoes, go for block heels, sandals or flats that you can easily wear for the outdoor terrain. 

What not to wear for engagement photos?

Don’t wear something that is uncomfortable and doesn’t feel like you. You want your engagement photos to be timeless so that you can look back again in years to come and have that dreaded feeling of ‘why did I wear that?’. 

What to wear engagement photos?

While there are so many do's and don'ts, we highly recommend wearing an outfit that feels the most like you. Don't feel like you have to follow the latest trends or fashion because you want the photos to feel timeless when you look back in 20 years. 

How to choose a wedding photographer?

First, you'll want to think of the type of wedding photos that you hope to get. If you like the fine art look, then you can search for fine art wedding photographers on Google or social media. From there, select a few that has what you're looking for and contact them. Finally, choose a wedding photographer that you vibe with the best based on your initial call. 

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