2022 wedding shoe trends

The 2022 Popular Wedding Shoes Trends

Said yes to the dress? The next important decision is your wedding shoe. It’s so easy to overlook your wedding shoe, but it’s such an important factor for your wedding look—it completes your bridal look! Your wedding shoe can add a fun detail that peeks out with every step you take, or it can complement the details of your dress.

Not only that, your bridal shoe is the make or break of whether you are comfortable the whole day. Luckily, Bella Belle wedding shoes are known as the “prettiest 12-hour shoes” on Instagram. We pride ourselves on hand-crafting our shoes from start to finish so that they look stunning. We also infuse extra soft padding in the sole so that you literally feel like you’re walking on clouds. 

So if you’re shopping for wedding shoes and not sure where to start, take a peek at the 2022 popular wedding shoes trends! Whether you are looking for a garden wedding block heel, elevated bridal flats, classic wedding heels or fashionable low heels, Bella Belle has the best trendy wedding shoes for 2022 weddings to make your wedding shoe shopping a breeze. 

Sophisticated Glamor 

In 2021, it was all about understated bridal looks. In 2022, the understated bridal look is taking a step further by the addition of subtle hints of bling. Sophisticated wedding shoes 2022 are all about the bling—though not a full-on Cinderella wedding shoe. It’s all about sophisticated glamor with tasteful bling and sparkly crystal details that are embroidered onto an elegant and popular wedding shoes silhouette. 


Shop Victoria

Shoe: Victoria

Victoria features sparkly vines that are made out of crystals and rhinestones. The sparkles provide a glamorous contrast to your elegant ivory wedding dress. Brides who aren’t used to wearing high heels will love the security of the heel cup and ankle strap that Victoria provides, it’s trip- and fall-proof (trust us!). Victoria also comes in a low 2.5-inch kitten heel, Valerie


Shop Lilian

Shoe: Lilian

Love a vintage D’Orsay silhouette? Lilian brings the beloved vintage silhouette into 2022 with a sexy cutout at the front. The front is then bedazzled with sparkly jeweled embellishments that consist of luminous pearls and crystal-studded vines. If you’re looking to add some glitz and glamor to your wedding look, you’ll fall in love with one of the most popular wedding shoes, Lilian. 

Marlene - sophisticated glamor wedding shoes

Shop Marlene

Shoe: Marlene

Marlene is known as one of the best bridal shoes of 2022 and for good reason. Marlene adds that star-quality oomph for brides who want something flashy yet sophisticated. The flashy jeweled crystals at the front are balanced with elegant asymmetrical bows. The silk bows have layers of pleats so that they add volume and dimension to the wedding shoe. If you aren’t a high heel lady, opt for Margo which is a 2-inch chunky block heel, or the Marcia flats. 

Whimsical Details  

A new breed of brides in 2022 are looking away from a traditional wedding shoe and going for cool wedding shoes that have whimsical details. Whimsical shoes aren’t just quirky, they are fun and allow brides to add their lively and witty personality to their bridal look. And if we learned anything in 2020 and 2021, it’s that your wedding look should feel like you—however eccentric may be. 


Shop Harlow

Shoe: Harlow

Fun and flirty have finally met their match with Harlow. Harlow features layers of ruffled chiffon and feathers that form a beautiful flower at the toe. If you look in the middle of the flower, you’ll see hand-sewn beadwork to symbolize a flower bud. The Harlow heels are the best wedding shoes in 2022 that will catch every eye in the room and make you the talk of the town. 


Shop Libby

Shoe: Libby

We’ve always loved the lily of the valley flower, we envisioned the splendid flower into these stunning new 2022 wedding shoes, Libby. The flower buds move with even the slightest breeze of wind, and tucked underneath each flower are rows of embroidered chiffon vines. The flowers signify happiness and auspicious blessings on your wedding day.


Shop Wisteria

Shoe: Wisteria

Have you always wanted to wear earrings on your feet? You can with Wisteria. These fashion bridal shoes take the form of delicate wisteria flowers that dangle off the vine. We envisioned Wisteria with ruffle chiffon flowers and beads to mimic the effect of cascading flowers that sway with every step that you take. These bridal shoes of 2022 are made for a bride who wants her footwear to stand out. 

Dramatic Bows  

Trends come and go, but bows are a returning trend that just gets better every year. In 2022, bows are all about sculpture and drama. 2022 bows in fashion bridal shoes aren’t meant to be an afterthought, but they are the element that make a statement to your wedding outfit. 


Shop Izzy

Shoe: Izzy

Izzy is a chic fashion bridal shoe, a modern high block heel that has a 3-dimensional bow design at the side. Izzy is perfect for modern brides who want to wear a block heel sandal for their outdoor wedding. Izzy can easily be dressed up with a formal glam outfit and dressed down to elevate a casual look. Izzy also comes in a low 2.5-inch block heel, Imani


Shop Zoey

Shoe: Zoey

Zoey has the prettiest pleated bow at the front of this stiletto wedding shoe. The bow elevates the trendy bridal shoes effortlessly while the stiletto silhouette elongates your legs so you can feel like your best self on your big day. Zoey is also available in a 2.5-inch block heel, Zoya.  


Shop Ardelia

Shoe: Ardelia

Ardelia is a comfortable low 2-inch block heel that is elevated with elegant ribbons that are tied at the ankle. These open-toe cool shoes for weddings are perfect for ladies with wider feet as they have plenty of room for your toes. And the best part? You can show off your pedicure. Ardelia comes in a high 4-inch wedding heel, Anna

All about the straps  

With the shift of bridal wear to more minimal and short dresses for either the ceremony or reception, there is a need for awesome wedding shoes that really bring the drama and sexiness. Hence, the rise of strappy wedding sandals for brides. 


Shop Giada

Shoe: Giada

Giada perfectly balances elegance with a 4 inch heel made of stacked pearls and sexy with long leather tie straps that wrap around your legs. Wear the Giada with any long wedding dress for the ceremony and then change into a minidress for your second look during the reception to show Giada off. 


Shop Blake

Shoe: Blake

If you’re all about the minimalist vibe, you’ll love Blake. While minimal, Blake still proves to pack a punch with leather ties that are tied around your legs. Like Giada, show off Blake with a high-slit dress during the ceremony or minidress for your reception look. 

Youthful Romance 

In 2022, there is a growing love for nostalgia, from songs about your first love to TV shows that are a throwback to simpler times. While we aren’t able to physically go back in time, we can reminisce about it with cool wedding shoes ideas that have designs redolent of a romance in our youth.  


Shop Francesca

Shoe: Francesca

Francesca is all about a dramatic lace bow. The bow is made of hand-embroidered Alencon lace. The elegance of the lace is balanced with the modern slingback silhouette that is also a major 2022 shoe trend. Francesca also comes in the low 2-inch kitten heel Felicity and Fiorella flats. 

Laurie - lace wedding shoes

Shop Laurie

Shoe: Laurie

Nothing says youthful like a comfortable block heel. Laurie is an open-toe block heel with a 3-dimensional bow at the back that is made of elegant Alencon lace, like Francesca. Laurie’s bow detail that is full of texture and volume truly makes this a statement wedding block heel. Laurie is also available in a 4-inch high heel, Leila

Refined Heirloom 

Bridgerton paved the way for brides to truly embrace their love for dramatic ball gowns, modernized corsets and dressing up; and this trend is not going away anytime soon. Wedding shoes fashion in 2022 incorporates heirloom designs and redesigns them with modern shoe silhouettes. Because who really wants to wear a corset? 


Shoe: Juliette

Juliette is a modern slingback wedding shoe with stunning lace that is embroidered on comfortable mesh at the front. The lace design is complete with a petite bow that adds a subtle vintage vibe. Best part? The mesh and cutout design is breathable so you won’t have to suffer from sweaty feet. 


Shop Helen

Shoe: Helen

Helen is a romantic wedding shoe that features pleated tulle. The tulle is elevated with a row of beaded organza flowers and crystal vines. Helen’s garden of flowers and vines is made for romantic dreamers. Helen is also available in a low kitten heel, Harmoni, and block heel, Heidi

These are the top 2022 wedding shoe trends. What is your favorite trend? Shop the latest Bella Belle wedding shoe collection, Heart & Soul. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most popular wedding shoes for 2022?

Wedding shoes that are full of elevated details such as crystals, bows, whimsical flowers, lace and straps.

2. What wedding shoes do I wear with a slit wedding dress? 

Opt for wedding shoes that have strappy ties, like Giada and Blake

3. What wedding shoes do I wear with a minidress for the reception? 

Go for wedding shoes that have plenty of stunning detail such as Libby, or bridal shoes that have strappy ties like Giada

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