These Are The 2021 Top Wedding Shoes Trends

These Are The 2021 Top Wedding Shoes Trends

Congratulations ladies! We survived 2020 *breathes a major sigh of relief*. While the wedding landscape in 2021 may look different from previous years, it doesn’t make it any less special - we are celebrating love after all. If surviving 2020 proved anything, is that love conquers all. 

Brides in 2021 are approaching wedding shopping differently than brides in the past. Instead of looking for a full glam look, brides are looking for reinvented classic pieces with versatility. Brides are also becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and want investment pieces that are high quality so they can be worn for multiple occasions. 

Another shift in bridal shopping is brides are looking for cool wedding shoes they can wear for an outdoor venue. As brides are complying to COVID-19 safety regulations and reducing their guest list, we see a rising popularity of intimate micro weddings. Many are also naturally opting for outdoor weddings hosted in farms, backyards and beaches for safety reasons.

Whether you are looking for a chunky block heel, elevated bridal flats, classic wedding heels or fashionable low heels, Bella Belle has the most trendy wedding shoes for 2021 weddings to make your wedding shoe shopping a breeze. 

Shoe lovers, here are the top bridal shoe trends for 2021.  

Classics, Refreshed

Ivory wedding shoes and lace bridal heels have been around since the days of Queen Victoria. Ivory is a classic color that symbolizes tradition and lace is irresistibly romantic. After all, ivory and lace make an elegant, timeless and romantic pairing. 


Shoe: Norah. Photo: KT Merry

Shop Norah

In 2021, brides want an upgrade to the classic ivory lace shoes. Norah features the classic ivory color with a handmade twist. The traditional floral motif in lace is transformed into 3-dimensional flowers. Sequined and layered petals are hand-stitched to form two oversized flowers at each side of the heel, so you get to showcase the prettiness with every step. There is a crystal in each flower bud that adds a hint of sparkle when it catches the light. 


Shoe: Penelope. Photo: KT Merry

Shop Penelope

Penelope is embroidered with a series of lattice patterns surrounding the floral threadwork. If you look closely, you’ll be able to spot the tiny pearls in the bud of each flower lace design. Penelope brings a youthful twist to a classic lace wedding shoe with wrap-around silk ribbons that are delightfully tied into bows. Brides will love the soft padding on the insole of these trendy bridal shoes that guarantees 12-hour comfort. A classic lace bridal heel, refreshed. 

Elevated Pumps

As brides opt for little white dresses or understated dresses, they also look for the same effortless flair for their bridal shoes. Wedding pumps are a staple but in 2021, brides want hot wedding shoes like elevated bridal pumps jazzed up with intricate designs. 


Shoe: Audrey. Photo: KT Merry

Shop Audrey

Audrey is a classic silk pointed-toe pump in shimmering ivory color. Don’t be fooled by its unassuming front, look at the back and you’ll see its heel stacked with a cascade of elegant pearls. An understated elegance with a playful twist at the back, and with extra soft padding for all day comfort. Name a better trio than this, we dare you. 


Shoe: Sophia. Photo: KT Merry

Shop Sophia

Sophia brings grace and class back to a lace wedding pump. The corded lacework is custom made to fit the delicate silhouette of the pumps. The graceful intertwining floral lace motifs make Sophia an irresistible match to wedding dresses. Brides will love the petite ribbon bow at the front, a perfect topper to a timeless wedding shoe. Say yes to this beautifully elevated lace wedding shoe that speaks to modern brides.

Regency Era 

It’s no surprise that historical TV shows and movies are all the rage right now. In the midst of everyone spending more time at home (in sweats and comfort wear), we are all looking to escape back into a time where glamor dressing took center stage in people’s lives. Some of the hottest historical dramas that are shaping up bridal fashion are Bridgerton, Downton Abbey, Reign, The Crown, Borgias, and Tudors. Each of these series provides fabulous wedding fashion that are worth remembering. So it’s no wonder that the top wedding shoes of this year’s bridal fashions are taking inspiration from the Regency era. 


Shoe: Jane. Photo: KT Merry

Jane takes the regency era inspiration in the form of a bootie. Booties were a staple in the days of Pride and Prejudice. In modern times, booties don’t have to be fully enclosed like they were back in the days. Jane with its peep toe front and cutout side vamp makes it feel less old fashioned. The ribbon bows tied along the straps adds a playful element to this regal bootie. This wedding bootie is also a great choice for brides who are looking to add a ‘something blue’ tradition to their ensemble. 


Shoe: Loretta. Photo: KT Merry

Loretta is a peep toe block heel that can be worn for your wedding day and again for an evening affair. A regal gold corded lace in the shape of delicate flowers encast the shoes flawlessly. The feminine straps will keep your feet secure all day long. We can totally envision Queen Mary of Scots from The Reign wearing this block heel to her many royal affairs. Look like a royal in Loretta. 

Play on Bows

Bows have always been a staple of wedding shoes fashion. In 2021, bows are redesigned to have more structure than ever before. Instead of choosing conventional bows, brides are gravitating to dramatic and structural bows (because we all need more structure in our lives, especially in this pandemic). 


Shoe: Kenzie. Photo: KT Merry

Kenzie takes on a ladylike approach with oversized bow appliques. Each bow is trimmed with luminous pearls of different sizes. The center is finished with a big pearl to finish off the playful embellishment at the toe of the ivory wedding heel. The secret? This style is convertible and can be worn as a slingback or with ankle straps. You can change the configuration going from ceremony to reception with ease. 


Shoe: Reese. Photo: KT Merry

Shop Reese

If you’re looking for a refined bow wedding heel, then Reese is right up your alley. The classic slingback silhouette comes with elastic straps to mold the fit to your feet. The best part is the asymmetrical and dramatic oversized silk bows with knotted center. An elegant wedding shoe for an elegant bride. 

Garden Party Appropriate

2020 saw brides changing their wedding venues to ones that cater to a smaller crowd for a more intimate setting. We saw brides gravitating towards having a backyard or garden wedding for COVID-19 safety precautions. We have always been fans of garden venues for their intimate and romantic settings. 2021 will continue to see brides choosing gardens as their preferred wedding venues, hence the rising popularity of block heel wedding shoes is inevitable.


Shoe: Octavia. Photo: KT Merry 

Brides who want to stay with a traditional style but yearning for an elevated look will fall in love with Octavia. In a traditional open toe Mary Jane silhouette, Octavia brings a twist with the tulle  ruffled trim on the edges. This adds so much finesse to this rather traditional ivory lace block heel. The 2-inch chunky heel ensures that brides are able to walk and dance all-night in the comfort of their outdoor venues. 


Shoe: Camila. Photo: KT Merry

So you are not ready to sacrifice the heel height? Fret not, Camila fashion wedding shoes come in a 3 inch chunky block heel that is perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. Wider feet ladies will love this open toe sandal design as it gives your feet plenty of wiggle room and breathing space. Camila features a silk bow tied at the front and straps embroidered with the prettiest garden of flowers and butterflies to go with your garden-themed weddings.

Pro tip: You can also wear a low heel or high heel for a garden wedding, just add a heel stopper so you can walk outdoors comfortably. 

Don’t Lose Your Personality

After what we have endured in this pandemic, it is so easy to lose our sense of self and identity. Bridal wear in 2021 is more focused than ever on finding and adding your personality again. With smaller scale weddings, brides want their shoes to reflect their personal style and personality. 


Shoe: Josephine. Photo: KT Merry

Josephine might look like an unassuming and classic peep toe heel at the front (to appease grandmas), but look at the back and you’ll be captivated with the artworks that swirl around the heels of these trendy bridal shoes. The embroidery features ivory and silver winding vines bursting with 3-dimensional florals and butterflies. Marvel at the way the vines climb up the back of the heel as they nestle against the flower buds where the butterflies nest comfortably. This fairy tale wedding heel A perfect wedding heel will make you feel like an enchanting princess.

2021 wedding trends ivory wedding shoe

Shoe: Kelly. Photo: Anya Kernes

Kelly has elegant silk ribbons wrapped around your feet in a criss-cross pattern to tie into an oversized bow at the back. The heel cup will keep you comfortable and secure all day long. Chic, timeless and luxurious, Kelly is made for a bride who is the very definition of elegance and poise. 

Bohemian Luxe

“Boho, but make it luxe” is the new phrase surrounding wedding fashion shoes . Carefree brides who love bohemian fashion want their wedding to feel luxurious yet effortless. No longer are brides wearing their wedding shoes for one day only, they want pieces that they can invest in and re-wear again and again after their wedding day. Think patterns and textures that are married together with high quality materials to create a pair of boho luxe shoes.


Shoe: Cameron. Photo: KT Merry

Cameron has all-over sunburst flower lace design in a geometric pattern that encases the front and back of this boho inspired ivory bridal heel. You’ll love the lace up ties that keep your feet secure and elongate your legs beautifully. If you’re not comfortable wearing high heels, opt for Cassie in a sturdy block heel. Both sisters have three times more padding on the insole than any other shoe brand, so you are guaranteed comfort and luxury. 

High quality materials such as genuine soft leather and 100% silk adds so much luxury into bridal shoes. Not only do they feel soft on your feet, they also add extra comfort to the already generous padding on the insole. Truly an investment piece that you’ll want to re-wear after your wedding day. 

Comfort Is The Buzzword

If 2020 proved anything, besides love conquers all, is that comfort is everything. Gone are the days when you have to sacrifice comfort for style. Brides in 2021 are looking for flat styles that keep them comfortable all day long without sacrificing design and elegance. Bridal flats are often associated with frumpiness, so we took matters into our own hand and re-designed our collection of bridal flats with intricate details and silhouettes. Don’t be fooled by their heights, they are just as equally stunning as their higher heel sisters. 

Ivy takes inspiration from a traditional ballet slipper with the addition of soft and silky ivory ribbons that tie delicately around your ankle. Another element that re-designs a frumpy bridal flat? The artwork of lattice and floral lace design, painstakingly hand embroidered to perfection. This is an art form at its best. 


Shoe: Kendra. Photo: KT Merry

Kendra on the other hand, adds life and playfulness to a traditional bridal flat. An asymmetrical  sculptured bow at the front is beautifully hand-sewn with strings of beads and pearls. The ankle strap can be removed to turn it into a slingback flat. You’ll be able to dance the night away with Kendra fashion bridal shoes and look fabulous in all the wedding photos. 

These are the top 2021 bridal shoe trends that all the fashionable brides are obsessed over. Which is your favorite trend? Be sure to view Bella Belle's latest wedding shoe collection for shoes that will make you the trendiest bride of the block. 

Best part? All of Bella Belle shoes are made with the highest quality materials and with more insole padding than any other shoe brand. You are guaranteed to be comfortable all-day and night long! Don’t believe us? Check out our #bellabellebrides reviews.  

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