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Top 10 Bachelorettes We Love For the Fashion

The Bachelor franchise has graced our screens for the past 18 years and provided us with so many unforgettable moments, from great love story romances and some heartbreaks along the way. The show has been dubbed as the ladies’ version of the Super Bowl for the camaraderie it fosters among the audience. Who can forget the infamous “to the windmill, to the wall”’ line from Hannah B. after a passionate night at the windmill Fantasy Suite with Pete W.? 

With so many iconic moments in the franchise from the past two decades, we want to take a look back at our favorite bachelorettes who brought both personality and fashion. Let’s be real, we tuned in on Mondays for the eye candy and love story, but also for the amazing dresses that these ladies wore, styled by Cary Fetman, Bachelor and Bachelorette stylist. From sweet and next door neighbours vibes to bold and sexy, these ladies brought the ‘A’ game in fashion that even Anna Wintour would approve of. 

10. Emily Maynard Bachelorette Season 8

best bachelorette emily maynard

So many fans rooted for Emily to find her love story after getting dumped by Bachelor Brad Womack (he proposed to her in his season) by getting cc-ed in an email. She is the southern belle, with her brilliant smile, southern charm and glitzy fashion. We love the way she stood up for herself on Kalon McMahon when he called her daughter “baggage”. While she did not find true love romance in the show, we are obsessed with the soft pink sequined evening gown by Lebanese designer Jean Fares that she wore that cost a whopping $63,000. Paired with the comfortable Bella Belle Elsa Nude shoes that have over 3000+ crystals and sequins, this evening look will go down as one of the most glamorous looks in Bachelorette history. 

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9. Clare Crawley Bachelorette Season 16

best bachelorette clare crawley  

If you didn’t already know, Clare Crawley is the new Bachelorette! She first appeared on Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor in 2014 and two other Bachelor in Paradise seasons. We can’t get enough of the red Lively Banks dress Clare wore during the Good Morning America announcement of her being the new Bachelorette! It’s the perfect statement-making dress that is bold and sassy. Bella Belle Rita Black heel with polka dot embroidery makes this into the perfect sexy look. While we patiently and eagerly wait for the new season of Bachelorette to begin filming (delayed due to Covid-19), we will rewatch Juan’s season to appreciate and fall in love again with Clare. 

8. Trista Rehn Bachelorette Season 1

bachelorette trista rehn

As the very first Bachelorette, Trista will always have a special place in our heart. She was the OG that paved the way to the success of the franchise. We wish she was the best friend we can call to get us out of messy situations and for late night talks, because she was perhaps the most level-headed contestant in franchise history. We knew it was a true love as her and her pick, Ryan Sutter are not only still together, they have two adorable kids that make the perfect family. Trista’s engagement slip dress is also one of the most beautiful, giving us all the ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ vibes. The white beaded details looks great paired with Bella Belle beaded bow comfortable wedding shoe, Dorothy. No doubt a timeless look that still lives on today. 

7. Ali Fedotowsky Bachelorette Season 6

best bachelorette ali fertowsky

Ali Fedotowsky is arguably one of the most popular of the Bachelorettes and still very much involved in the Bachelor Nation family (she blogs about the franchise every season on her blog). She was unapologetic and smart in her career, though we wished she learned a thing from the movie ‘He’s just not that into you’, which describes her love for the distant and disinterested Frank Neuschaefer. While Ali’s romance with winner Roberto Martinez did not survive, we do love the custom Alberto Makali dress she wore for the final rose. Complete the look with Bella Belle gold lace shoe Tess. After the show, she did find her happily ever after with Kevin Manno. 

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6. Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Season 13

best bachelorette rachel lindsay

As the first black Bachelorette, Rachel faced a lot of pressure and scrutiny to break down barriers and open the way for other women of color. The smart and savvy lawyer kept it 100% real and managed to keep the drama to a minimum, which is especially hard to do when there’s a room full of egotistical men. She met and fell in love with Bryan Abasolo, got married in Cancun in 2019 and is still happily married. We bet Bryan could not take his eyes off Rachel on night one when she wore a stunning beaded Randi Rahm gown. This form-fitting sheer dress covered in white beads and Swarovski crystals fits perfectly with Bella Belle Elsa ivory, similarly designed with sequins and crystals. 

5. Andi Dorftman Bachelorette Season 10

bachelorette andi dorfman

We first fell in love with Andi Dorfman when she told off Juan Pablo Galavis, also known as the most hated Bachelor in the franchise history when she was a contestant in his season. So when she was picked as the Bachelorette, we knew she would not settle for anything less than what she deserved. The season saw her suitors create drama for the sake of drama, which ended up taking a toll on the smart and savvy lawyer. While her season was full of unnecessary drama, we are obsessed with the Two Birds white jumpsuit she wore during the Bachelorette reunion. We think it’ll pair beautifully with the Belle bootie with chiffon floral petals, from our designer collection with Joy Proctor. If there’s a lesson that we learnt from Andi, it’s to know our worth. 

4. Becca Kufrin Bachelorette Season 14


After Arie infamously broke up with Becca Kufrin on his The Bachelor finale, we were so excited to see Becca get a second shot at love on The Bachelorette. While we enjoyed the love journey that she went through with the many men, ultimately choosing Garett at the end, we especially loved ogling at her many elaborate outfits! This sheer bodice Randi Rahm jumpsuit is stunning on Becca and we can’t imagine it being paired with anything other than Bella Belle Florence Black, with a similar sheer and sparkly embellishment vibe. 

3. Kaitlyn Bristowe Bachelorette Season 11

bella belle best bachelorette kaitlyn bristowe

Kaitlyn Bristowe was funny, smart and entertaining, making her one of the most fun Bachelorette of all-time. Though she confessed to Shawn Booth very early during the show that he was “the one”, making the final rose ceremony (spoiler alert: Shawn won) no surprise, we still enjoyed her season very much. In fact, one of the most unforgettable nights was when Kailyn wore this plunging red dress that is both sexy and sleek. It was also the night that she said goodbye to fan-favorite Ben Higgins from the competition (he went on to find love in his own season). This dress did all the talking and we can’t imagine it with anything other than Bella Belle Olivia Black heel. 

2. Hannah Brown Bachelorette Season 15

bachelorette hannah brown

Hannah Brown’s season had everything we love about the Bachelor franchise: a little bit of drama, lots of humour and never ending fun (not forgetting the eye candy). She was unapologetically herself, fun, entertaining and gave us one of the most unforgettable one liners after spending a passionate night at the windmill with Pete. We are still shipping Hannah and runner-up Tyler C, especially since they spent the first part of the Covid-19 quarantine together and are still exchanging flirty comments on Instagram. Till then, we’ll appreciate Hannah’s gorgeous Randi Rahm gold and silver sequin gown that she wore on opening night, which will pair beautifully with Bella Belle Florence.

1. Jojo Fletcher Bachelorette Season 12

bella belle best bachelorette jojo fletcher

Jojo Fletcher’s season gave us the fairytale TV love story romance that we want from the Bachelor franchise. We love her because she stayed true to herself and her heart, never letting anyone or anything sway her decision. She and winner Jordan Rodgers are still engaged till this day and remain as one of the strongest Bachelor Nation couples. Jordan even proposed to Jojo again last year to have this special moment to just be about them, with no cameras around. If there was a fashion moment that sums up Jojo’s season, it’s this Misha Collection blush dress which looks beautiful with Bella Belle Mariee blush stiletto. Excuse us while we eagerly await their wedding ceremony, because happily ever after does exist. 


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