Your Modern Wedding Inspiration and Modern Bridal Shoes

Your Modern Wedding Inspiration and Modern Bridal Shoes

When we think about what defines a “modern wedding”, we think of clean and geometric lines, pared down and minimalist decor with a fashion forward and trendy aesthetic. Instead of going all-out, modern weddings are oftentimes more laidback and simple, with a few focal points in decoration. A few of our favorites are monochromatic color schemes like an all-white wedding or having black accents. For wedding looks, modern brides gravitate towards clean wedding dresses that are full of satin manipulation.

So if you’re looking for modern wedding ideas to bring your wedding to the 21st century, keep reading. 

Modern Wedding Ideas

From modern wedding themes and modern wedding bridal styles to bridal shoes made for a modern bride, we have the ultimate modern wedding inspiration for you. 

Modern Wedding Themes

Your Modern Wedding Inspiration all white wedding theme

Photography: Faith Cody

If there’s one thing that most modern weddings and trendy weddings have in common, it is having minimal or one color scheme. We love an all-white wedding as it makes everything look very crisp, clean and sophisticated. Our modern #BellaBelleBrides, Marlee, had all white flowers and tablescapes decor. We also love the pop of black color for her flower arch portraying a modern wedding vibe for her wedding design. 

Modern Wedding Decor Items

Your Modern Wedding Inspiration ghost chairs

Photography: Carla Boecklin

We’ve seen an increase in using ghost chairs for modern elegant wedding decor ceremonies and receptions. These ghost chairs provided the illusion of a floating ceremony or reception due to its transparent color, which brings a modern edge to any wedding. 

Your Modern Wedding Inspiration  black accent cake

Photography: Faith and Cody

Another chic wedding decor item that contemporary weddings have is by having black accents. For example, modern brides will use black metal cutlery, stemless glass or even an all black cake. The black accents bring elegance and sophistication to any modern wedding. Plus, they feel oh-so-chic and fashion forward. 

Your Modern Wedding Inspiration candles

Photography: Carla Boecklin

Candles make any modern elegant wedding feel more intimate. Have your candles in sleek cylinder vases of various sizes to add an ethereal and romantic touch to your modern romance wedding. 

Modern Wedding Style

Your Modern Wedding Inspiration  mismatched bridesmaids look

Photography: Blake Hoggen, Sophie May

Long gone are the days when bridesmaids have to wear matching bridesmaid dresses. Modern style weddings are all about mismatched bridesmaid styles as it allows everyone to express themselves individually. Take inspiration from two of our brides: Blake opted for the same color scheme but let her bridesmaids pick different silhouettes so you still get the monochromatic look. Kelsey on the other hand, picked a few color schemes and let her bridesmaids choose their color with similar silhouettes.

Your Modern Wedding Inspiration wedding dress

Photography: Dawn Derbyshire, Zina Dichoso

Shop Dorothy

For their wedding dress styles, modern brides gravitate towards minimalist wedding dresses with clean lines and a manipulation of crepe or silk. Our #BellaBelleBrides Victoria, opted for a modern take of a sweetheart neckline dress from Ines di Santo. Noelle chose a high slit Alon Livne dress with off the shoulder sleeves and a ball gown silhouette. Both brides completed their look with our Dorothy bow and pearl wedding heel

Your Modern Wedding Inspiration bridal accessories

Photography: Sotiris Tsakanikas

vera wang gown

Since the modern wedding dresses feature minimal details, like the Vera Wang Ava gown at La Jeune Mariee Bridal Collectionit allows modern brides to express their fun and fashionable side with their wedding accessories. Rio accessorized her modern wedding look with a statement making pearl headband. Other modern wedding accessories favorites are pearl earrings and tennis bracelets. 

Modern Wedding Shoes

Modern Bridal Shoes bow wedding shoes

Photography: Claire Morris, Happy Bloom, Laura Gordon

Shop Molly

Shop Reese

Shop Zoya

Bows are a modern bride favorite due to the clean lines. Our bow bridal heels elevate classic silhouettes with architectural pleated silk bows. Molly is perfect for a black tie modern wedding with its closed toe front and silk bow at the back, lined with tiny pearls. Reese features a 3 dimensional pleated bow with a pointed toe silhouette, making any feet appear slimmer. Summer brides will love our Zoya bow block heel with an open toe to let your feet breath. 

Modern Bridal Shoes pearl wedding shoes

Photography: XO and Fetti, Claire Morris, Laura Gordon

Shop Lisbeth

Shop Emery

Shop Giada

Another modern bride favorite is pearls. Pearls are one of the most trendy wedding accessories to add a timeless feel to any modern wedding. Some of our bestselling pearl heels include Lisbeth, Emery and Giada. Lisbeth is like wearing jewelry on your feet with the pearls strung on the T-strap. Emery may appear unassuming, but it features pearls lined at the edge. Giada is all about the party at the back, with a stunning pearl heel. 

Modern Bridal Shoes crystal wedding shoe

Photography: Claire Morris, Laura Gordon, Claire Morris

Shop Wren

Shop Emma

Shop Sidney

These modern shoes with crystals are the best way for modern brides to add a touch of sparkle to their wedding look. Wren is a classic mule in a low 2 inch stiletto, bedazzled with a crystal mule strap. Emma has sparkling crystal accents all over the heel, topped with a secure ankle strap. If you want to feel like a model with sexy legs, Sidney’s dazzling crystal straps wrap around your legs beautifully. 

Modern Bridal Shoes feathers wedding shoes

Photography: Claire Morris, Laura Gordon

Shop Quinn

Shop Harlow

Shop Wisteria

If bows, pearls and crystals are too subtle for you, you’ll love this next modern wedding shoe category. This is all about the unexpected, featuring playful feathers and chiffon. Quinn has side swept feathers that sway with every step that you take. Harlow’s chiffon feathers are made into a statement flower at the front, topped with intricate beadwork. Wisteria takes versatility into a whole new level — the flower tassel can be removed for a more minimal look. 

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