Your Ultimate Bachelorette Outfits Ideas

Your Ultimate Bachelorette Outfits Ideas

If you’re a 2022 bride or 2023 bride like me, you are probably in the process of figuring out your ultimate bachelorette party outfit ideas for your bachelorette party. I’m celebrating my bachelorette in the summer of 2023 and I want to be decked out in white — because when else can I go all-out in white? The looks I’m aiming for have to be a combination of sexy, stylist, comfortable and maybe a hint of cheesy (I’m talking about a bride veil which is totally a why not?). 

Your bachelorette is one of the only times where you can totally be yourself and have lots of fun with no judgment — what happens at your bachelorette stays at your bachelorette. And while themes can be so cheesy and overdone, it does provide a bachelorette party attire guideline for everyone to dress accordingly. A Y2K bachelorette theme outfit would be very different than dressing for a Sex and the City theme. 

What to wear to a bachelorette party?

Regardless of what the theme is, here are some basic rules that you should follow as a bride for your bachelorette party clothing ideas:

  • Opt for white looks - It is the ONLY time where you can wear all out without anyone judging you. 
  • Dress for the location - Having a bachelorette in Nashville? Go for cowboy hats and fringe denim jackets to fit with the city's distinct fashion profile. A wine tasting bachelorette in the Napa Valleys would be best with a casual bachelorette party outfit, summer dress or shorts with a ruffled top. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes - Bachelorettes often have lots of dancing and partying, so comfortable shoes are a key. Luckily for you, Bella Belle shoes are known for our stunning design and extra padding for all-day comfort. Even ladies who don’t usually wear heels are comfortable in our high heels (yes you read that right). Shop our comfortable shoes

Now onto bridesmaids, here are some basic bachelorette outfits for bridesmaids guidelines to follow: 

  • Avoid white - It’s the bride’s weekend and her chance to stand-out, and there’s so many other colors in the spectrum (you have plenty of options) So avoid wearing white unless the theme/dress code says you can do so. 
  • Follow the dress code or theme - Don’t be a party pooper and not follow the theme or dress code. It is your bride’s weekend so try not to make it about your wants and needs. 

Now that you have an idea of the basic rules for your bachelorette party dress code ideas as a bride or bridesmaid, here are some fun and maybe even wild ideas for a night out bachelorette party outfits based on the trending bachelorette themes. 

Sex and the City Bachelorette Theme Outfits

Sex and the City Bachelorette Theme Outifts

For the bride: Maticevski tulle dress + Bella Belle Bridget tulle heels

For the bridesmaid: Valentino feathered black dress + Bella Belle Matilda tulle heels

With a cosmo in hand in New York City, dress up according to your favorite character from Sex and the City for a bachelorette party themed outfits. Whether it’s a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired midi tulle dress with our Bridget tulle heels or a fun feathered black dress from Valentino that Samantha would totally wear with our Matilda tulle heels. And just like that, you’ll have a closet full of fashionable dresses that you can re-wear for any occasion. 

Gossip Girl Bachelorette Theme Outfits

Gossip Girl Bachelorette Theme Outfits

For the bride: Alexis pearl dress + Bella Belle Gabrielle pearl heels

For the bridesmaid: Stella McCartney black mini dress + Bella Belle Lisbeth pearl black heels

If you grew up with Gossip Girl like me, you probably envisioned dressing up like Queen Blair Waldrof or effortlessly like Serena Van Der Woodsen. So why not do so for your bachelorette? As a bride bachelorette outfit that is inspired by Gossip Girl, dress up in pearl strap cute bachelorette outfits from Alexis with our Gabrielle pearl heels that would make Blair proud. For the guests, this Stella McCartney black mini dress screams Serena with how it flows. Complete the look with our Lisbeth pearl black heels

Mean Girls Bachelorette Theme Outfits

Mean Girls Bachelorette Theme Outfits

For the bride:  Mach & Mach dress + Bella Belle Elise tulle heels

For the bridesmaid: Valentino sequin dress + Bella Belle Mariee pink heels 

On Wednesdays (or in this case, your bachelorette), we wear pink. Live out your Mean Girl era and have your guests wear a pink dress like this Valentino sequin dress with our Mariee pink heels. For a Mean Girls bachelorette outfits for a bride, we love this Mach & Mach white dress paired with our fun and flirty Elise tulle heels. As a cherry on top, compile a burn book of all your exes and burn it to celebrate your upcoming wedding day! Even Regina George would be proud. 

Y2K Bachelorette Theme Outfits

Y2K Bachelorette Theme Outfits

For the bride: Nue Spiral dress + Bella Belle Emma crystal heels

For the bridesmaid: Des_Phemmes mini dress + Bella Belle Estelle butterfly heels

Popularized by Tik Tok and Gen Z who brought back the Y2K era, why not relieve your teenage years for your bachelorette. Instead of Juicy Couture Tracksuits or graphic tees, elevate your bachelorette outfit for a bride with this Nue spiral dress with our Emma crystal heels that would make your 13 year old self say “that’s so fetch”. If you were all about butterfly clips, opt for our Estelle butterfly heels with a Y2K neon color Des_Phemmes mini dress. Now all you have to do is put on your favorite Britney Spears song. 

Great Gatsby Bachelorette Theme Outfits

Great Gatsby Bachelorette Theme Outfits

For the bride: Alejandra Alonso Rojas feather dress + Bella Belle Wisteria heels

For the bridesmaid: Rosario feather dress + Bella Belle Florence black crystal heels

The fashion of the Roaring ‘20s will never go out of style, and a Great Gatsby themed bachelorette party would be a fun way to get your group to dress their best — with lots of fun swirl, fringes and feathers. Our favorite Great Gatsby bachelorette outfit ideas for bride, is the combo of a Alejandra Alonso Rojas feather dress with our Wisteria heels with chiffon flowers that sway with every step you take. For your guests, this Rosario feather dress and our Florence black crystal heels would make Jay Gatsby turn heads.  

Disco Bachelorette Theme Outfits

Disco Bachelorette Theme Outfits

For the bride: Retrofete sequin mini dress + Bella Belle Elsa sequin heels

For the bridesmaid: Vanessa Les Bains disco dress + Bella Belle Elsa black sequin heels

Dress like a disco ball for your bachelorette with a disco theme party. Go head to toe in sequins with a Retrofete sequin mini dress and our Elsa sequin heels and for your guests, this Vanessa Les Bains feels like a walking disco ball with our Elsa black sequin heels. Throw on the perfect throwback 70s playlist with so much ABBA and you’ll have so much fun celebrating your final disco before your wedding day. 

Bridgerton Bachelorette Theme Outfits

Bridgerton Bachelorette Theme Outfits

For the bride: Acler lace dress + Bella Belle Viola blue heels

For the bridesmaid: Love Shack Fancy floral dress + Bella Belle Eden floral heels 

Thanks to everyone’s obsession with Bridgerton, it is not a faux pas to dress in puffy sleeves and frilly silhouettes for your bachelorette party dress — in fact, it is a fashion statement. Brides will love this Acler lace midi dress with our Viola blue heels while the bridal party can dress in floral dresses from Love Shack Fancy and our Eden floral heels. Next stop: a tea party fit for a Queen. 


What are the best bachelorette gift ideas?

There is so many different bachelorette gift ideas I could give you, but my favorite is a Bella Belle gift card so all your bridesmaids can treat themselves and have matching Bella Belle heels.

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