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Comfortable Wedding Shoes is something you deserve to have on the biggest and most important day of your life. You have a million and one things to check off your to-do list before your BIG wedding day, so we’re making it easy to find your dream comfortable bridal shoes

If you are like us, then you’ve probably envisioned your wedding since you were little. You dream of walking down the aisle to the most romantic tune and having your perfect first dance, like Cinderella did at the castle with Prince Charming. You envision being surrounded by your closest family and friends, maybe even getting a romantic serenade from your husband/wife. The one thing you definitely did not envision is being in pain from wearing uncomfortable shoes. 

The key part of being happy and worry-free during your wedding day is to have a pair of comfortable heels for wedding day bliss. They literally hold your weight throughout the whole day, so you should invest in a pair that is up to the important task. You’ll be on your feet all day, from the ceremony till the after party dance, often time for more than 12 hours. You don’t want to end the night in pain from blisters or have to dance barefoot on the floor. You should wear comfortable wedding shoes that can keep you at ease  from start to finish, and Bella Belle shoes are equipped to keep you comfortable all-day. 

Browse our stunning collection of shoes: from comfortable flats and wedges to low heel wedding shoes and block heels. We have a pair of comfortable high heels for every bride in a variety of colors; sparkling gold, silver, rose gold, romantic blush, classic ivory, and white hues. Shop all comfortable wedding shoes by browsing and selecting your favorite pair.

12 Hour Wear - Our Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes 

Why are Bella Belle shoes the most comfortable heels for wedding extravaganzas? It’s because we use only the highest quality of materials to handcraft your shoes from start to finish. We don’t compromise on quality of materials because we know you deserve the very best on your wedding day. 

Most of our shoes are made with mesh material at the front. Mesh is great for your feet because it gives you feet air to breathe, so you aren’t swimming in your own feet sweat on your wedding day. Another benefit of mesh? It is stretchable and molds to the shape of your feet! Wider toe brides, brides with bunion toes, or brides who have had foot surgery can rejoice because there are finally comfortable wedding shoes that you can wear that are still very stunning! Mesh gives room for your feet so you don’t feel squished or restricted in the usual shoe material. 

Another reason why Bella Belle shoes are known as the most comfortable bridal shoes is because of the extra padding on the insole of the shoes. All our shoes have three times more padding than any other shoe brand to ensure you are comfortable all-day. When you touch the insole, it’s very soft. When you press it, you can see the extra cushion that we put into the shoe. When you finally try them on for the first time, you’ll feel the softness and support the shoes bring - some even claim that it feels like they are walking on clouds. With this much padding, you’ll be able to be comfortable for your wedding day in your comfortable wedding dress shoes. 

From Mary “I wore Abigail for my wedding in Ireland in July. On our wedding day, I wore the shoes from 11am to 2am and they were not only elegant but very comfortable. The heel was perfect for wandering across the grass before dancing the night away. I then wore them again the following day for another 12 hours without complaint. I cannot recommend Bella Belle enough as a bridal shoe supplier for beauty as well as comfort.” 

Lastly, don’t forget to care for your bridesmaids and get them a pair of comfortable bridesmaid shoes! As part of your bridal party, they will be running around to make sure you are feeling your best and keeping track of the vendors. 

How To Make Wedding Shoes Comfortable? 

The easy answer is with Bella Belle.  Wedding shoes, comfortable from their first wear, you don’t need to worry about making them more comfortable because they were built that way . On the rare chance your comfortable satin shoes are a little tight, we recommend wearing them with thick socks and walking around the house in them. This will allow the shoes to stretch and expand so when you wear them, it gives your feet more wiggle room.

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