Wide Width Wedding Shoes


      Wide Width Wedding Shoes

      Wide Width Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle

      It is so hard to find wide dress shoes for wedding ensembles that are beautiful and comfortable. So often, wide-width bridal shoes are so frumpy that you aren't excited to show them off. That's not acceptable for your wedding day. Bella Belle's wide wedding shoes are not only comfortable and made for brides who have wide feet, but they are stunning in detail. Each wide-fit wedding shoe is hand-crafted from start to finish, so you know your shoes are made with love. So whether you're a classic bride who loves lace or a modern bride who's a lover of pearls, Bella Belle luxe wedding shoes for wide feet that you can get excited for. 

      Popular Wide Width Dress Shoes for Wedding

      We recommend going for open-toe or peep-toe wide-width dress sandals for weddings if you have wide feet. The opening at the front will allow your feet to have plenty of space and wiggle room, so they don't feel squished. Bella Belle brides with wide feet highly recommend our Fabiola wide-width heels. These open-toe, 3d embellished heels are comfortable, flattering, and a great way to show off your pedicure. 

      If you love the look of a closed-toe heel, we recommend going for wide-width heels made of mesh. We love mesh as it is stretchable, perfect for ladies with wide feet. After a few pre-wedding wears, the mesh of our wide-width special occasion shoes will stretch and mold to the shape of your feet, ensuring that you are comfortable and still have room for your feet to breathe and not feel squished. If the shoes take longer than expected to adapt to your feet, try wearing them each day with a pair of socks to hurry the mesh adaption process. Our best-selling mesh wide dress shoes are Anita. These chic lace wedding shoes are show-stoppers sure to keep you comfortable all day. 

      You can't go wrong with our wide-width wedding flats if you seek maximum comfort, and brides with wider feet can't recommend Adora enough. These comfy skimmers provide instant glamour thanks to her wide-width wedding shoe rhinestone embellishments.   

      While these are just three of our best-selling comfortable wedding shoes for wide feet, the above selections were carefully curated from reviews by brides across the globe. Whatever your style, each pair is fitted with extra padding and flexible premium materials to keep you effortlessly glamorous and comfy all day. So enjoy wide-width wedding shoes by Bella Belle. 


      What are wide-width heels?

      Wide-width heels are shoes that are made for women who have wider feet. These shoes are usually open-toe or peep-toe so that there is more wiggle room for your feet. If you love the look of closed-toe shoes, opt for those made of mesh, as they can be stretched to mold to the shape of your feet perfectly. 

      How do I know if I should get wide-width heels?

      If you are in-between sizes and usually go for the larger size, we recommend opting for our wide-width heels or flats. 

      How do you measure women's heels' wide width sizing?

      We don't recommend measuring the width or length of your feet as every woman's feet are different. However, we recommend that you go for the larger size if you are in-between sizes.

      I have wide feet. Can I still wear closed-toe shoes?

      You most certainly can with Bella Belle shoes! We recommend going for shoes made of mesh as they can be stretched to mold to the shape of your feet perfectly.  

      What wedding shoes are made for broad feet?

      When it comes to wedding shoes for wide feet, you want to pick a roomy, flexible, and comfortable design. At Bella Belle, we can't recommend our mesh wedding shoes enough. Slingback shoes, open-toe shoes, and peep-toe sandals are additional designs that provide wiggle room. If you have wide feet, check out our shoe tips on how to find comfy shoes for you.

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