2023 Wedding Colors

The 2023 Wedding Colors That Everyone Is Obsessed With

With the new year comes new wedding colors for 2023 that are trending. While it is usual for brides to choose their 2023 wedding colors based on the theme or season, there are some popular wedding colors 2023 that will be seen everywhere. 

Choosing your wedding colors doesn't have to be a struggle. We’ve put together some of the wedding colors for 2023 to provide you with your color palette inspiration. One thing they have all in common is: COLOR. 

So read through and find your perfect colors for 2023 weddings for your wedding invites, table settings, wedding colors and beyond. 

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2023

With Spring-time comes beautiful flowers that bloom. So Spring wedding colors typically fall within the range of blush and pinks. We also see brides who choose color combinations of lilacs and sage. Curious what were the trendy colors last year, check out the 2022 wedding colors

Summer Wedding Colors 2023

Summer weddings are such a favorite amongst couples thanks to the warm weather and endless vacations. Popular summer wedding colors for 2023 include vibrant colors such as bright oranges, yellows and cobalt blues. We also see a lot of tropical green hues for destination weddings. 

Fall Wedding Colors 2023

Fall weddings have the most beautiful and breathtaking backdrops due to the foliage colors. As the cooler weather settles in, consider incorporating shades of terracotta, beige, burgundy and dusty rose for an elegant color palette combination.

Winter Wedding Colors 2023

Gorgeous color choices for a winter wedding include shades of icy blue, silver and whites, making the perfect White Wedding look. On the other spectrum, we love seeing rich and deep colors of maroon, emerald and even black for a chic winter wedding color combination. 

Barbiecore Wedding Color Trends 2023

Barbiecore Wedding Color Trends 2023

Photography: Zina Dichoso

This eye-catching color is do doubt inspired by the excitement surrounding the “Barbie” movie coming out in 2023. We expect to see this bright pink shade, also known affectionately as “Barbiecore”, coming hot into 2023 weddings. More specifically, pink tones such as fuchsia, hot pink and cerise will create a fun, flirty and even sultry vibe on your wedding day. Especially with the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta (a berry-hued pink), we predict that pink hues will be everywhere in 2023 weddings. 

Barbiecore Wedding Color Trends 2023

Shoes: Rosa. Photography: Shelby Lung. Shoes: Mariee. Photography: Fulley Love

Take this shade into your wedding shoes with our Mariee stiletto and Rosa floral low heels. Modern brides will love Mariee’s elegance of rose gold crystals and the silk bow on a secure ankle strap. Looking for a little more romance? Rosa’s hand-crafted beads and pearls into lush flowers will make any bride’s heart skip a beat. Both of these heels come with our signature 12-hour generous padding for all-day comfort. 

Lavender 2023 Wedding Color Trends

Lavender 2023 Wedding Color Trends

Photography: Brittany Allen

Lavender is no stranger to wedding color palettes. But 2023 will see a resurgence to this popular color, largely due to Taylor Swift’s “Lavender Haze” song and music video. You can incorporate the pastel color to your wedding florals or pair it with shades of cream for your wedding decorations. 

Lavender 2023 Wedding Color Trends

Shoes: Eve high heel, Eliza block heel and Estelle low heel

Additionally, you can also use the lavender color as your wedding shoes, like our Eve high heel, Eliza block heel or Estelle low heel styles. Featuring chiffon butterflies and hand-embroidered flowers, these lavender heels will surely leave you feeling like lavender haze. Not forgetting, the pliable and soft mesh that molds perfectly to the shape of your feet.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Color Trends 2023

Cobalt Blue Wedding Color Trends 2023

Photography: Thoma Saudiffren

If you’ve ever wanted to have a destination wedding but circumstances prevented you from doing so, you will love this next 2023 wedding color. Cobalt blue is a twist to your “something blue” and it feels like bringing Greece to your wedding day. You can use this vibrant blue color with corals, tangerines and pink blushes for a regal look. 

Cobalt Blue Wedding Color Trends 2023

Shoes: Viola and Norah. Photography: Laura Rose, KT Merry

Another way to incorporate blue tones to your wedding? With your blue wedding shoes of course. Our popular Viola and Norah blue heels add a soft pop of color to your wedding look. Both feature hand-beaded florals with pearls and sequins, perfect to make a statement with. The ankle straps are adjustable and keeps you feeling secure and confident as you move and dance all-day. 

Emerald Green 2023 Wedding Color Trends

Emerald Green 2023 Wedding Color Trends

Photography: By Halie

While emerald greens are more popular during the Winter months, this stunning shade can also be used all-year round when combined with the right colors. Pair it with cream and whites to use it in the Spring, or mint green and blues for the summer and Fall. Regardless of the color combinations that you choose, emerald green adds a lot of depth and royalty to your wedding. 

Black wedding shoes


Another color that adds depth to wedding looks? Chic and sexy black. Our black wedding shoes combine the best of our wedding and evening collections so that they can be worn for weddings and beyond. 

Metallic Gold Wedding Color Trends 2023

Metallic Gold Wedding Color Trends 2023

Photography: Maigan Cowen

Did you know that the gold color in Chinese culture signifies wealth and prosperity? We don’t know about you but we could always use a little more luck on that, especially on a day as significant as our wedding day! Metallic colors like gold add a touch of luxury, weather used as gold candle holders, table setting decorations or even jewelry. 

Metallic Gold Wedding Color Trends 2023

Shoes: Frances. Photography: Laura Gordon, Hunter Ryan

You can also wear our gold wedding shoes to incorporate these 2023 wedding trends colors into your wedding look. Our Frances gold heel is embellished with sparkly crystals that glisten under the light. Tie the straps into a beautiful bow at the back of this comfortable 2.5 inch low heel. 

For additional fresh bridal inspiration, check out our guide on the latest 2023 wedding trends.

What are the popular wedding colors for 2023? 

In 2023, expect to see lots of Barbiecore vibrant pink colors, no doubt inspired by the highly anticipated “Barbie” movie. Other colors that we expect to see are lavender, cobalt blue, emerald green and metallic gold. 

How to pick wedding colors?

There are so many ways for you to choose your wedding colors. You can start with choosing colors that work with your specific wedding theme, venue or even season. Fall brides usually go for orange, red and yellows while Winter brides opt for darker colors such as burgundy. You can also choose your wedding color based on your favorite color or a color combo that means something to you and your fiance. 

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